September 16, 2009

Preschool Pics...

Ok, so I forgot to tell you all this in my last post, but Miss Heather (Wyatte's preschool teacher) has a website that she puts pics of the preschool class on, along with some short notes about what is going on. If any of you family would like to be able to see those pictures let me know and she will send you an invite to see the page. It is private right now, so that is why if you went to click on the pics of his first day of school you couldn't see them bigger... So let me know if you would like to see them!
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September 15, 2009

Long time (still) no see

So I still don’t have a camera, trying to be patient and not covet the cameras that I see.  Trying not to be disappointed that I missed Wyatte’s first day of preschool.  Or Aubrie jumping off the dock.  Or Nevaeh playing dress up, here at home and with friends.  Such is life.  I think partly I am trying to pay more attention to what is going on around me so that I can remember instead of looking back and seeing the pictures.

Anywho, Wyatte is in his second week of preschool and LOVES it!  He seems so grown up all of a sudden.  He told me today that he knows all the letters, and proceeded to sing me the song.  Previously he would say H, R, K, K and other letters in the wrong order.  He also totally got the concept of right and left, and understands that one is different from the other.  Such a big boy I have!  Tomorrow marks the first night of Cubbies and I know that he is super excited for that to start. 

Nevaeh has had lots of play dates lately because there is a group of us that is getting ready to sing a special in church next month and since one of the moms’ piano is in her basement with the toys we go there and the kids play and we sing.  Works great!  On Monday there were 6 moms and 13 kids.  There were 5 missing (in school) and one on the way.  So 19 kids between 6 of us!  All 6 1/2 and under!!!  So Nevaeh had tons of fun playing with all the other kids, along with Aubrie!  Nevaeh gets to do Cubbies this year too!  She is pretty excited too, so hopefully she does good!  She is really ready for preschool too and if we had the money I would send her to Miss Heather too, but right now we just don’t have it.  Later in the school year I might enroll her, but for right now, I am just going to try to spend some extra time with her while Wyatte is in school.  We are going to do Story Time at the library each Monday, and have our Growing Together class each Friday so that is some extra attention that Wyatte won’t get.  I am trying to find someone who will watch Aubrie during story time so that I can focus on Nevaeh, but haven’t found anyone yet… 

Aubrie is getting pretty big too!  She started jumping off the dock today when we went swimming.  She would run down the dock to wear I was standing and say go, then lean out to me and wait until I grabbed her!  It was super cute!  She loves the water, and is a daredevil.  She toppled a couple of times, but did great keeping her head up and I WAS right there to help her up right away.  She has a floaty that she can sit in but she doesn’t really like that because she can’t “play” in the water as much.  She is also ready to start potty training.  She tells me “poop butt” and either needs to go, or has already gone.  She hates to have a wet or poopy diaper which makes it easier to do this.  We have started putting her on the potty chair some, but with all the running around we are doing right now it is pretty hard to keep consistent.  I am not pushing her at all if she is poopy we change it, and if she says she has to go we try.  She doesn’t usually go, but we are getting her ready!  Aubrie will go to the nursery on Wednesday nights during Awanas because I am going to be helping with the paper work part of it.  I can’t listen to the kids say verses or do anything else with kids because we aren’t members yet.  To do anything with kids in the church you have to be a member and pass a background check.  Both of which aren’t going to be a problem, just haven’t made the commitment yet.  We have the papers, just need to do the steps.  So pray for us as we embark on that.

Singing has always been in my heart, and I have missed doing specials and worship.  God speaks to me though music and I love to share that with others, and haven’t felt right doing it lately.   Our small group did a Beth Moore Bible Study called Believing God.  One of the weeks homework was to ask God for a specific verse to use in prayer over a specific person or problem.  I did that, and asked God for a promise.  A song that he would give my heart so that I new he was going to give back to me.  As I was asking, “Everything to me” by Avalon played on the music station that I was listening to on TV.  A few other things happened and I knew he had answered me.  Well to make this long story a little longer… on the 4th of July we had a Watson church service and Ann sang a song called Hosanna, by Brooke Fraser (of Hillsong) and it dug deep in my heart and never let go.  I bought music and got the group together and we are singing it next month at church.  God has totally blessed me with a wonderful support group of Godly woman, most of whom are music!  How totally awesome!!!  I am also praying about joining a worship team once a month.  Plus working on a couple of other special songs!  So when God blesses, He really BLESSES!!!!

John still isn’t working on the pipeline, he did join the union.  But is still waiting for the call to start.  We heard through the grape vine that they might stop until frost hits because they are in the swamp/wetlands so much…  So that kinda stinks, but God blessed us with wonderful friends who thought of us when asked if they knew anyone who needed work.  There is a green house in town that also does landscaping and the owners go to our church, and their son and his wife are part of our young marrieds group and we both have girls the same age.  (Aubrie and Hannah are 2 months apart, and Nevaeh and Taylor are about the same, not totally sure of the dates though…) Back to my story…  John Clark (the son) talked to John Hoard (my hubby) in church a couple weeks ago asking him if he was interested in working for Bloomers for a while.  So John has been blessed with pretty steady work for the last 2 1/2 weeks through them.  So much nicer than unemployment…

I think this is a long enough post right now, so enjoy that and I will hopefully get some form of pictures up at some point in the future.  God Bless!!!

September 11, 2009

Wyatte's first day of preschool

Click here to view these pictures larger

Here is a picture from Wyatte's first day of preschool. Since I don't have a camera right now, I was waiting for Miss Heather to put some up on the school website that she made. I finally remembered to look there and she had put some up! So here are a couple.

I have been really neglecting this blog lately and I am sorry. Since I don't have a camer I haven't felt like just putting our life on here in words. John has been working for a gardening/landscaping company the last couple of weeks and starts with the pipeline on Monday. So hopefully once we have a steady stream of income coming in I can get a new camera. John did promise that I could with his first paycheck after we get all our bills caught up. So hopefully soon you will all be back into the swing of our life!!!


Click here to view these pictures larger

Here is a picture of Wyatte's first day of preschool. He is in a class with 6 other boys, and 2 girls! He really enjoys going, and I have enjoyed the morning that I am down to 2 children!

September 1, 2009

Craft Challenge thru Blue Eyed Blessings!!!

I added a craft challenge button on my right side bar, click it to see the details. Not sure what I am going to do yet, but thought I would try. Good times! Not really into halloween decorating, but fall decorating I am all about! So wish me luck, if you have any idea's let me know!!!