March 30, 2008

stress, and cars, and prayers, and the wagon!!!!!!!!:)

-----so today was Sunday, and that means church. which i love. has really touched my heart lately. getting there though has touched my nerves. wyatte and nevaeh seem to do everything in their power to make me mad on Sunday mornings, and i seem to fall for it every time. we do really good until their bath, and somehow as much as they both love to take a bath and love the water, they are both screaming by the end of it. and then it is time to get dressed and then i have to cram my shower into the few minutes between the time we actually get them dressed and the time that we need to leave for church. my mom says that it is the devil trying to discourage us enough to get us to stay home, and i am sure that it is. but it doesn't make it any easier to get through. it reminds me of part of my favorite ken davis movie, when he takes about getting ready for church. i can't remember how it goes now, but everytime john and i talk about it i end up laughing because i know it was soooooo funny. i am going to have to borrow that movie from my mom and rewatch it so that i can tell you all how it goes. he is a halarious christian comedian, and even though i am pretty sure this session was taped with a teenage audience, everything he talks about pertains to every age group. the video that i am talking about is called "a twisted mind" (he has others, and i am pretty sure he is still speaking...) and if you have a chance to watch it you should!!!-----one a different note. john and i are pretty sure that we have a van!!!!!!!!!!!! we have been driving my mom's since aubrie was born, and it has been sooooo nice. we did have a cherokee and didn't think that all five of us could fit in it very well, so we fixed john's jeep wrangler up to sell it, with the intent of buying a mini van with the money, but a family member of our neighbor is selling their's because there is a leak in the oil system somewhere that is going to be around 500.00 to fix and they said that they would sell it to us for 500.00. so for around a thousand dollars we are going to have a van that we can all ride in together!!! we were looking for one with the two sliding doors, but this is going to work out great for our finances too!!!!!!!!!!!-----keep in your prayers that john still is out of work, and probably will be at least until the middle part of may. we did start getting his unemployment money, but it isn't much... also help me keep my patience. john did some driving on friday for a friend of his, and left me home with the three kids, and it didn't go as well as i had hoped. so...----------my camera is in the car, so no new pics tonight, but i will get some new ones up here soon i promise. john put together the wagon that aubrie and i got as a baby shower gift, and wyatte and neveah are soooo excited to use it. we had two beautiful days and then i decided to put the wagon together and it has been cold since then, so we haven't been outside at all. so hopefully soon it will warm up again and we can use it! i am ready to start walking again. i was walking between 12 and 14 miles working in target, and since aubrie has been born, haven't done any of that sooo... need to keep all the weight off that i lost!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 27, 2008


Aubrie is 2 weeks old today! My how time goes by fast. Tonight we were laying on the couch, me on my back and her on her stomach on my chest, and she lifted her head up and looked right at me a smiled! It didn't last long, but she did!

I am not sure how much she weighs right now, we haven't been to the doctor since last week and she was nursing and we didn't get weighed, just my staples out. We go back on the 1st of April for her two week check up so I will let you know all of those details then!

Aubrie has been having some problems with gas, so today we went in a bought some baby gas drops. The morning that I left the hospital my hemoglobin was only 8.9 or something like that, so they put me on an iron pill to get it back up. And I think that is what is making her have gas. It could be something that I am eating too I guess, but I have such a varied diet that it doesn't really make sense for it to be just the diet. I don't feel safe not taking the iron pill though if my level was soo low, so we will just have to see what the doc says when we go in next week.

Wyatte was hold Aubrie tonight on the couch and it was so cute I had to take a picture, and he asked me if he could say "cheese" when I took it. I told him sure....

Then Wyatte decided he wanted to say "nuts"then Wyatte decided that he needed to say "peanut butter and jelly"then it was "the baby has a poopy diaper"and that is where I cut him off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a fun time with him!!!

John has been stepping up and doing more with the kids since I had my c-section which is nice and not so nice. I don't have to do as much with them, like getting them dressed, or cleaned up, or ready for a nap, or ready for bed; but it also takes away some of the one on one time that I had with each of them. Anyways, back to why I started this paragraph... John has been asking Wyatte for a tiny bear hug when he gets him ready for bed--a hug with just a little growl. Well tonight John told him that he needed to get a "pig" hug. Apparently that is when your nose has to be up like a pigs nose to give the hug. Wyatte thought that was the funniest thing he had ever done! It has been really nice to have John home so much lately. The kids are really going to miss him when he does go back to work all the time.

John is going to work tomorrow for the first time since before Aubrie was born. He got laid off and hasn't found anything else yet, but.... So tomorrow is the first day that it will be all three kids and me.... Talk about out numbered!!! Thankfully I am feeling ok, and the weather is nice enough that all four of us can hopefully be outside some. John's parents are also just down the road so we can always just crash their house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 26, 2008

just a quick quote

this was on my cousin's website and i thought i would share it with you all!

"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush."

so true huh!!!

i was also looking at a blog on here by mandi martin and saw this link, and watched it and it was really cool so if you have a few minutes go check it out. it is a drama by a church that one of mandi's friends goes too i think, anyways it is really touching.

so check this out to!!!!

March 25, 2008

Late Easter egg hunting

Just to start off, this is a long one...............................

Well, due to our trip to the Cities on Saturday we didn't get home until late (about 12:30) and then the kids slept in a little on Sunday (they didn't wake us up at the usual 6:30/6:45), the Easter Bunny didn't get a chance to stop at our house on Easter Morning. Then after church we went to my Aunt Marilyn's for lunch, and then the kids went to my mom's to spend the night, so the Easter Bunny made a late stop at our house last night! The kids were really excited to come home to Easter eggs hidden all over the house and Easter Baskets full of candy and toys! I have two seperate sets of eggs, a racing car set for Wyatte and a girly set for Nevaeh (we also bought a pink camo set for Aubrie for next year!), but the kids didn't really care that there were two different kinds of eggs they just wanted to find them! So they made out pretty good candy wise last night, and when we dyed eggs at Auntie Marilyn's on Friday they found all the eggs that Great Grandma Margaret and Great Auntie Marilyn filled (with money) and then hid. Aubrie slept through the whole thing.
Wyatte found one of the eggs that Daddy hid. The bucket in his hand came from Grandma Kris. Please look past the mess that you see in the picture. I am feeling better, but can't quite get caught up on the house work.
Wyatte and Nevaeh looking for their Easter eggs. I think Nevaeh actually found the egg that Daddy hid there!
Wyatte examining some of the toys and candy that came in his basket from the Easter Bunny! We didn't get him anything for Easter last year, we thought he was too little to do any of the stuff so this was his first Easter basket. He did get to look for eggs last year, so he knew what he was doing this year!
Nevaeh showing off one of the eggs of candy that she got in her Easter basket. This egg is a sheep and was filled with Kisses.

Yesterday John decided that we needed more fish in the fish tank, so while the kids were at my mom's house we went and picked out a few cichlids to get added to the Jack Dempsey that we have in the tank already. We didn't tell the kids that we were getting them or that we had gotten them, but it only took Wyatte about 2 seconds to realize that we had more "ninnows" in the fish tank! I think John was kinda disappointed that he saw them so fast, but it made for a fun bed time. Wyatte picked out his favorite, a bright orange one; John has his favorite one, a yellow one with black stripes; my favorite one is a light grey with blueish fins; and that leaves the black one for Nevaeh. Aubrie can have the big Jack Dempsey!
Wyatte was trying to find "his" fish.This is my big girl! Eleven days old in these pictures. She was laying there so good that I had to take her picture!
Today we went to see Grandma Linda and Grandpa Tuffy. They have only seen Aubrie twice since she was born because Grandma Linda has been sick since the night before Aubrie arrived in person. Grandma didn't really want her picture taken today because she missed a hair appointment, but we did get a couple of her and a couple of Grandpa too. The kids had fun playing with Grandpa. Now they are all tuckered out, and I have three sleeping kids! I should be spending this time cleaning or doing dishes, or laundry or something, but here I sit at the computer letting you all know what is going on in my life! So feel very loved.Grandma even put Nevaeh's hair in pig-tails! She looks sooooo cute with her hair done like this, but I never take the time to put it up. I guess as her hair gets longer I am going to have to start doing something with it or we are going to end up with a rats nest in the back.... gonna have to start!

March 24, 2008

So I am going to try to blog and do all of my stuff on here now instead of on my windows live space because you can get the pictures right in the blog so I can talk more about them! Hopefully you guys that look at this will think it is as easy to use as the windows space. Look for a new blog and some new pics to be up in a few days!