July 26, 2009

Kangas Family Reunion

 100_4593 Sunday after church we headed to a community center for a Kangas family Reunion.  There weren’t nearly as many people there as the Watson one, but it was still fun.  The kids played outside with bubbles and the playground equipment 100_4594 Right after this picture Aubrie dumped the bubble mixture on her dress, do you know what bubbles are made of???  SOAP!!!  Very hard to get out unless you really wash it, and the more water you add the more bubbles you get, and the more bubbles you get the more water you have to add, see the vicious cycle!!!  I did end up getting enough off that she wasn’t covered in white soap suds, and we made it through the rest of the day with out any clothing mishaps!100_4595 Nevaeh got this dress for her birthday from Mommy and Daddy.  She looked super cute in it!!!

100_4596 100_4597 100_4598 Aubrie wanted her turn on the animals!  Funny how all of a sudden she is “growing” up!!!100_4599 Had to have a turn on this one too!!!100_4600 Nevaeh walked up to the mirror in the bathroom and started doing this to her hair!  I got my hair cut a while back and it is pretty short, I don’t think I have any pictures of it, but will look so you can see….  Anyways, the back is very short, a couple inches at the most and I walk around and mess with the back all the time, so Nevaeh started doing it too!

100_4604Aubrie found these sunglasses and kept putting them on, Doesn’t she look adorable with them!?!?!?!

July 23, 2009

3rd birthday fun

On Saturday the 18th, Nevaeh turned 3.  I can’t believe how fast those three years went.  Seems like last week I was freaking out about being pregnant already when Wyatte was only 9 months old.  I don’t have any baby pictures of Nevaeh on this computer and as I type this I am sitting in McDonald’s instead of at the park, because once again it is raining on at Tuesday and we can’t have our MUMS playdate.  Oh well, not like we are missing anything because we have only been able to have a couple of them.  Every Tuesday turned into once a month.  Oh well, that was a little bunny trail back to business at hand!

We were planning on going to the MckPicnik this past weekend.  After praying so long and hard for the McKinney family it would have been a blessing to meet them in real life (IRL) but stuff came up, mostly I didn’t plan ahead and didn’t have a place to stay!  But it was ok anyways.  We didn’t get to meet as many of the bloggers that I wanted to this past weekend and see the miracle that is Stellan, but we had our own fun!

We drove to Duluth on Saturday and headed to the aquarium that they have there.  Wasn’t quite what John and I thought it was, but the kids enjoyed it.  The best part for Wyatte and Nevaeh was the seahorse exhibit that we saw right before we left.  Aubrie loved looking at the big fish that were everywhere.

100_4492 Looking out the window at the aquarium.  100_4494 Aubrie and Daddy enjoying the water and the fish.100_4495 One of the ponds in the aquarium.  I think there were river trout in this stream.100_4496 100_4497 Wyatte and Nevaeh enjoying some “ugly” fish.100_4498 100_4499 Wyatte was making “wind” in this machine, and he got to see how the sand/snow moved depending on how the wind blew.100_4501 A sandpiper.  100_4502 Turtle that the kids LOVED!100_4503 Aubrie and Daddy looking at the ducks in the bird room.100_4504 Nevaeh and Wyatte watching it clean itself.100_4505 100_4506 There are two ducks in this picture.  Both of them were sleeping, almost looked stuffed until I saw one of them blink! Aubrie loved them!100_4509 Wyatte and I touched this sting ray, I was pretty nervous about putting my hand in there, but Wyatte wasn’t!  He thought it was pretty cool.100_4512 Watching the two river otters run around eating krill frozen in ice cubes and smell the cinnamon they sprinkled around for them.100_4514 There was this huge “model” of the great lakes.  Showed how the canal’s worked.  The two older kids loved it.  Putting the boats at the top and working all the way to the bottom.100_4515 100_4517 100_4518 100_4520 100_4521 100_4523 There was a thing to see how strong of a wave you could make, John “made” huge ones!  Nevaeh, not so much!!!
100_4539 One of the kids favorite thing of the day was seeing the seahorse exhibit.100_4540 100_4541 100_4542This one has a crab scurrying around the bottom, Wyatte thought that was pretty neat as well.100_4543 100_4544 100_4547 Nevaeh in the  beaver house


Going down the “otter” slide!100_4550 100_4551



Then we headed over the bridge to Canal Park Point.  As we pulled up to the bridge we got a red light and the bridge started to go up.  Wyatte and Neveah and I ran out and watched while John sat at the light. 

 100_4557 100_4559 I tried to get a picture of Nevaeh and the bridge too, but it was all blurry and so you just get Wyatte’s!100_4563 After driving what seemed like a really long time we go to the parking lot for the beach and headed out to the lake.  As you can see Nevaeh was pretty excited!100_4564 Watching the huge lake, playing in the sand, throwing sticks, being a frog were all things that were accomplished while we were at the beach!100_4565 100_4566 100_4567 100_4572 100_4575 100_4576 100_4578 100_4579 100_4582 Then I tried to get a cute pic of the three of them…  this was the best one!

Running back to the truck and to lunch!100_4583

100_4584Little miss independent!  She wouldn’t let anyone carry her, or hold her hand.


After lunch at the food court in the mall, we headed to something that Nevaeh has wanted for quite a while.  All she has talked about for a few weeks has been about getting ‘rings.  A couple of the other little girls have gotten them in the last month or two, and she noticed and wanted them.  We have talked about doing it in the past, but I wasn’t going to pay that much for something like this just because.  I wanted to wait until a special occasion.  So her birthday it was.  As you can see by these first few pictures she was pretty excited! 100_4585 100_4586 100_4587 100_4588 100_4589 Then with this one she realized that it was going to hurt :(  She jumped out of the chair into my arms and screamed bloody murder for about a minute and then was fine!  She said after wards that she didn’t want them anymore, but I told her we have to leave them in, and she was ok with that! 

100_4592Not a very good pictures (she was eating licorice), but you can kinda see the ‘rings (as she calls them).  She does look very nice with them in.  They are yellow gold with a pink stone.  She is very good about letting me clean and turn them, so far!


That was our Saturday, what did you do???