May 29, 2009

Afternoon(s) of fun!

Ok, finally in the order that I want them!!!

Last night John's parent's made it back for Arizona, they had been down there about a month. They brought back with them Kateland and Leigha, Jeanie's girls who live in AZ. They will be here for as long as they can handle being away from home! This will be the longest trip they have had with out either one of their parents. Usually Jeanie comes home, and every few years Marty (their dad) does too. Back to last night... Jim, John's brother, also came up from the cities to go fishing this weekend, so we had a party! We brought pizza and cake, and ate over there.

Katie reading a book to Nevaeh!
Leigha got a turn holding Aubrie. Yes, I know my girls are wearing the same shirt, and if you look closely they have on the same shorts, too! I have a problem, I can't get them dressed with out matching, even today they all have on green shirts, all no sleeve shirts too!

Then this morning Daddy and Uncle Jimmy went fishing and when they came back "the kids" (Wyatte and Nevaeh, that is what Aubrie and I call them!) ran over to Grandma and Grandpa's to play with everyone. John's other sister's kids were there too, so most of the grandkids, 4 of 12 were missing. John and the kids were going to come home for lunch but they were taking too long and Aubrie was standing at the door and hollering for the kids to come back in, so we walked over too.

Wyatte and Noah were racing from one side of the driveway to the other, seeing who could win!
Noah won, but isn't this a great shot? I got all four feet off the ground!

Then the boys were thristy so the hose got turned on so they could get a drink. Leigha decided to get one too!

Aubrie and Asher were looking for rocks. Aubrie must have gotten in trouble for something though huh!

Throwing those pop rock things that explode when they hit the ground. We bought some at a gas station on the way home from AZ for the kids to play with. Today was a good day to do that!
Nevaeh 2 3/4; Hannah 17 7/8; Wyatte 4 1/4; Noah 6 1/4; Kateland 11 1/2; Leigha 9 1/2: Aubrie was there too, guess I missed her

Then all the kids (ages 15 months, to 17 years) went for a walk to look for a killdeer's nest, with no luck, After they went back to the house I tried looking for it. I was walking on one side of the yard and then decided to try the other side of the yard. There were all kinds of rocks all over the place and then I saw four strange looking rocks all together, and then realized they weren't rocks they were eggs! Here are the kids looking at the "nest"
A little hard to miss huh!
But beautiful!
After all that running around it was time for a little quiet inside. Noah is holding a fish pillow that Leigha gave to Wyatte when we were in AZ. We forgot it there, but they brought it to us when the came up here!

After lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's it was a run back home for a nap! Even though the boy in this pictures is the only one not sleeping!

Flowering Tree

Do you remember this picture from a post last week or so? This is what I "have" to look at while at the close line. Well, scroll down to see what the tree looks like this week!!!

Pics of Aubrie

Enjoy some pics of Aubrie that I took before Daddy mowed down the dandelions!

May 28, 2009

Sweet Sugar Candy Give-a-way!!!

I was reading another blog that I have in my blog roll (the list on the right side, if you didn't know...) and saw that she had a give-a-way! So I am sharing the blog with you all. If you have a little girl or know of someone who has a little girl (I have two!!! *hint* *hint*!!!) enter by checking out her website, Sugar Sweet Bowtique, pick out your favorite, then go back to her blog, Sweet as Sugar Candy, and leave a comment on her give-a-way post.

She has some adorable Korker bows, among others, that are beautiful! I love the pumpkin ones. I got some for my girls last fall and wish they could wear them more! So go check out the website, and let me know what you think too!

Alphabitty Moments, Brought to you by the letter N

Time for Alphabitty Moments again! This time I started thinking about it earlier in the week! I had a couple of them planned out. Wyatte's was the hardest one for me. Had to ask for help with his!!! I think they are all cute, and they all are things that I never want to forget. Go check out 4 the Love of Family for her letter "N" pages, and to check out others' pages.

Wyatte's page idea came from a friend in high school. She recommended noodles! I knew I had some cute pics of him and his noodles! I know I have more, but I couldn't find them so only one page for now...

Nevaeh's was easy! I had to use pics of her!!! Like I mentioned above, I can't find some of my earlier picture CD's, so I don't have any of her as a baby. I was kinda bummed about that, so I might have to change these when I print the pages off. These are some of my favorite pictures of here though so, I guess it is ok!!! The one in the top right is of her in the grass, she HATED the grass on her legs and feet. I guess I am a horrible mommy for taking pictures of it and not helping her get up!!!

Aubrie was pretty easy too. As the "Newest" member of our family she fit pretty good in this letter. I absolutely love the picture of Aubre in the pink, by far one of my favorite pictures of her. The two on the far right were taken in the hospital, the other one on the right page was of her first nap at home. The picture of the three of them is a great one to me too. All three of my kids together for the first time.

I really enjoy these pages, I have since I started this carnival. I am really looking forward to finishing out the alphabet, and starting with "A", I think I might have to start all over though and make that one all the way to "Z". That way the book would go in age order!!! I hope you guys like to see these as much as I like making them.

May 22, 2009


I just added a new button to the sidebar on the left side of the blog. It is for a company that worked with MckMama to design. The proceeds will go to a charity that MckMama picked out. You can go to MckMama's blog to read her post about it, or click on the button to get taken to the website that is selling the shirt.

Flowers, boats and brothers

This morning we went and put flowers at John's Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Richard's headstone. They are Linda's (John's mom) parents. Linda asked John if he would put something there because they are still in AZ. So last night I went shopping. I didn't like any of the arrangements that they had, and so I bought a few bunches of the silk flowers and made my own.
Here is the one for Grandpa Richard. I tried to do a masculine one. There are two red rose bunches, one bunch with small white flowers, and one purple (they look blue) lilacs. Did you know that you can buy the cemetery vase? That is what they are in. Then blue ribbon to hide the stems and the floral foam in the base.
Grandma Lucy's is three bunches of coral/pink roses, with some small off white flowers, and some small white flowers. There is white/see through ribbon around the stems on hers.
I think they turned out nice. I hope Linda and her siblings like them.

After lunch John and his cousin Lynn got the boat pulled out of the side yard, gassed up, and hooked up to the truck. Wyatte found the life jackets, and they were off!!! Here are John and Wyatte getting ready to go.
Wyatte wanted his picture taken through the net!
We bought him some sandals for the summer, thinking they would be nice for him to have. Easy for him to put on and take off. Well, they are easy to get on and off, but most of the time when he puts them on they look like this!!!

I would also like to say congrats to my biggest baby brother! Philip graduates from Bethel tomorrow. Then after a full summer of training camps that he is going to work at, he gets to start as the "Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer" at the University of Maine!!! He has worked soooo hard to get as far as he had in the career path. You can go check out the U of Maine Athletic Website to read a little more about what it is that Phil will be doing. I am sure he would love to hear from you guys too, so feel free to call him or send him an email. If you don't have either one, and want them let me know!!!

May 21, 2009

Alphabitty Moments, brought to you by the letter M

Here we are again on the Alphabitty day! Once again it totally snuck up on me. Not sure why or how, but it did. Go check out 4 the Love of Family if you want to see her pages and others that have joined this.

Aubrie's was pretty easy. As you can see I have a "loose" definition of the letter "M." Fun to see all these pictures together!

Wyatte's are all pictures from Arizona. He loved the mountains. I hope he remembers some of it.

Nevaeh's is of her and Asher. Asher is a month and a day younger than Nevaeh and they love to play together. It has been fun to see them grow up together.

May 20, 2009

the last week oh grrr just the last couple of days...

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today. I was working on a long post about our whole week. But it got too long and I couldn't keep track of where I was in the week. So here is just the last couple of days. I will look back at the rest of the week, and see if there are interesting pictures and share them with you later...

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy!!! Wyatte has a few rubber lizards and he thought it was cool that he got one to stick to the ceiling!

Nevaeh had her first swing of the year!

Wyatte figured out the pedaling at the park.

This morning I woke up to 57 degrees at 6:45 AM! Totally exciting. So like the good housekeeper that I am I started laundry (really I did!!!) and didn't quit! I think I got 6 or 7 loads washed, hung up outside, dried, and folded today! Totally grateful for the warm weather and the wind! I love days like this. The kids enjoyed being out side at home too. We didn't take naps today, and I knew I was going to regret it later, but it really wasn't as bad as I thought!!! Yesterday at our MUMS park day we painted t-shirts. Here is a pic I took of them today with all three of the kids in their shirts! Aren't they adorable?!?!?!

Aubrie's first full set of pigtails! Are they not the cutest thing ever?!?!?!?!?!

Going for a walk! Granted they didn't leave the yard, but they had fun anyways.

Don't they look like they are having fun? In reality they were screaming at each other for taking up too much seat!!!

This is what I "have" to look at while I am hanging up clothes. Not sure what they are, or what comes from them but they are pretty now!

The kids came over to see what I was taking a picture off. Wyatte started picking the leaves off, said the bugs needed them!

Today I only worked for a couple of hours, and Grandma Kris watched the kids for me. I met them at the park when I was done. Here are a few pics of them there. It is only our 2nd park day of the year. Yesterday was our first day and as you already read it was a FREEZING COLD park day!!! Today was better, almost too warm. We did end up leaving because of a little rain but it wasn't too bad.
Nevaeh looks like this the whole time she is in the swing! She just giggles and giggles! It is totally funny to watch.

This was Aubrie's first time in the swing ever! I swung (is that the right term?!?!?!) last year while wearing her, but I don't think that she did it herself. She loved it too! All smiles. She was tired and after sitting in there for a while she laid her head on the swing, stuck her thumb in her mouth and started playing with her hair. Sooo cute!