October 31, 2009

A day in the life…

So Friday was Wyatte’s picture day at preschool.  Miss Heather decided to have both her AM and afternoon preschool classes come in the morning so the afternoon class wouldn’t have to come for part of the morning and then back again a couple hours later for school.  This meant she was going to have 12 4/5 year olds for 3 hours!  She asked if I would be willing to come in and be an extra adult in the room!!! 

So I left the girls home with John (who didn’t go to work because of a rain day) and headed to school with Wyatte.  It was actually FUN!  To see them, especially Wyatte, do “school” things.  At home he is pretty hard to get to pay attention, but in school he does better.  Fun to see them turn on the charm for the camera guy! 

I don’t think I was a huge help, but maybe seeing the two of us in there made the other parents feel better!?!?!?  Here are a few pics of stuff.  (Heather if I shouldn’t have these on here let me know and I will take them down…)  I am not going to name names, or even really narrate the pics you can pretty much see what is going on!103_0060 103_0029 103_0030 103_0039 103_0040 103_0043 103_0051 103_0054

Wyatte had show ‘n tell, and since they are on the letter “F” he brought a FISH and a FROG!


So just a snippet into my “Day in the life of Heather L

October 13, 2009

You want to see my kids!?!?!?!

Ok, so here are a few pictures that I took on the camera that I bought late last night!  I really wanted to have one for the pumpkin patch outing that we went on today, so last night when I was done with the laundry (at 10 PM) I headed to Walmart to get one!!! DSCN0010 Aubrie waiting for the kids to come down a “tornado” slide, she loved watching them come out, but wouldn’t go down herself!

Wyatte pulling a friend in the wagon.  Wyatte enjoyed pulling and Sam loved the ride!DSCN0013

DSCN0018 Here is Wyatte on the rope swing in the hay barn maze.  My old camera had a setting for action, and I thought I was on it, but looking at the pictures, either I don’t know what I am doing, or the camera doesn’t work like I thought it would!

Here is Nevaeh on the swing too!DSCN0019


DSCN0023 Aubrie enjoying a seat on some of the hay bales while the kids swung!  Isn’t she adorable!!?!?

Nevaeh was checking out the llama that they had.  In the cages towards the back right of the picture they had bunnies that you could hold too, but we didn’t have time to do that.  The kids were bummed at first but I don’t think they remember at all now!DSCN0026


DSCN0027 Aubrie didn’t want to get close to the animals!  She did enjoy watching them though…

Wyatte, Rorey (red and black coat), Joseph (tongue out) and Matthew (spiderman hat) all on the hay ride getting ready to go feed the cows!  Oh, Miss Heidi W. is in there too!DSCN0029


DSCN0030 Just a part of the group that we went with!

Wyatte getting ready to feed the cows.  DSCN0033


DSCN0034 Nevaeh and Aubrie getting ready to feed the cows!

Tried to get a good pic of the three of us girls, but you can see how that turned out!DSCN0035


DSCN0041 The cows came right up to the trailer and took the hay right out of your hands, or from underneath you, depending on how fast you were!

Aubrie liked looking at the cows, but not so much when they came for the hay she would throw it at them!DSCN0042


DSCN0043I guess she did get fairly close!

Wyatte really enjoyed himself, he wants to have cows at our house, in our barn (when we build it again!) so he felt right at home.DSCN0045


 Look of fun?  Or what!?!?!DSCN0046


DSCN0047 Aubrie really liked the chickens!  I think helped that they were in a cage!  She has always like our chickens to, come to think of it…

Trying to feed the horse!  She wasn’t scared of it at all…DSCN0054


DSCN0057 And then we tried to get a few pics of the kids, alone and separate…  Aubrie’s is ok, and then it got worse…

First Wyatte started throwing pumpkin’s around, then Nevaeh wanted to sit on them, and Aubrie wanted to get down…  So this is the best one!DSCN0059


DSCN0062 Nevaeh wouldn’t sit still, and she wouldn’t look at me, and she kept giving me funny faces…

Wyatte wouldn’t smile, he wouldn’t really look at me, and he wanted to get down to get the pumpkins that he threw…DSCN0063


DSCN0068 I did get them to look at me when they were in here!DSCN0069 DSCN0070 Well almost!!!

DSCN0071Picking out a pumpkin after we were done.  Not really sure where they are right now, guess I am going to have to find them!


Does she look like the Michelin Man or what??!?!?!?

October 2, 2009

A link to a fall craft giveaway!

Ok, so I was going to do this whole craft challenge thing, and couldn't some up with any cute ideas that I thought I would actually put out, well looking around the blogs that I follow I realized that that month was over (duh!) and the links were up to those creative people who actually started and finished their projects.

One of the crafters/bloggers is doing a give a way on her blog for the things she made and they are SUPER CUTE!!! Even if I don't win I am going to take her ideas and try them myself. They are all ones that you could do for any holiday/season that you wanted! Way awesome!!!

So here is the link to her blog