October 31, 2009

A day in the life…

So Friday was Wyatte’s picture day at preschool.  Miss Heather decided to have both her AM and afternoon preschool classes come in the morning so the afternoon class wouldn’t have to come for part of the morning and then back again a couple hours later for school.  This meant she was going to have 12 4/5 year olds for 3 hours!  She asked if I would be willing to come in and be an extra adult in the room!!! 

So I left the girls home with John (who didn’t go to work because of a rain day) and headed to school with Wyatte.  It was actually FUN!  To see them, especially Wyatte, do “school” things.  At home he is pretty hard to get to pay attention, but in school he does better.  Fun to see them turn on the charm for the camera guy! 

I don’t think I was a huge help, but maybe seeing the two of us in there made the other parents feel better!?!?!?  Here are a few pics of stuff.  (Heather if I shouldn’t have these on here let me know and I will take them down…)  I am not going to name names, or even really narrate the pics you can pretty much see what is going on!103_0060 103_0029 103_0030 103_0039 103_0040 103_0043 103_0051 103_0054

Wyatte had show ‘n tell, and since they are on the letter “F” he brought a FISH and a FROG!


So just a snippet into my “Day in the life of Heather L


Heather said...

great pics. i was actually going to ask you if you could send them to me so i could put them on the websites, but i'll just save them from here, if you don't mind. :) thanks again for helping!

A day in the Life... said...

Looks like fun :)