November 1, 2008

Halloween Pics...

I know some of you that read this don't "celebrate" Halloween, and we don't "celebrate" it either, but we do get dressed up in costumes, and hit a few houses that we know. Last night we started at Great Grandma Margaret's house...

Then we headed to our church, which had an event called "Trunk or Treat". Sorry I didn't take any pictures there, but the kids had fun walking around and getting TONS of candy there!

Then it was off to Great Auntie Marilyn's house. She gave them more candy than they got all year last year!!!

Wyatte was Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story), Nevaeh is a giraffe, and Aubrie is a Tootsie Roll (my favorite candy!!!!!)

Then we headed to Autumn Lane, an adult care home owned by John's sister and her husband. The kids made the rounds there and made away with TONS more candy!

Then it was off to a couple of the neighbors houses,
Nevaeh and Wyatte were getting friendly with the rat and spider that one neighbor had as decorations!

Then finally a stop at Grandma and Grandpa Hoard's house!

All in all I have a whole wipes BOX not container, but a box, full of candy! Way more than the kids and I need in the house! They had a ton of fun, and I think John and I did too! Now I am just waiting for the costumes to go on clearance so I can stock up for next year!!!


Alex Jerry; Steph Jerry said...

I see you didn't stop at MY house! What's wrong with you! Just kidding...but you better bring them next year!

Mindy said...

I already know this but it looks like you are not Catholic. I didn't realize it before someone told me but Halloween used to be to scare away the bad spirits before November 1st which is All Saint's Day. You'd have to check with someone who is Catholic to know for sure but that is what I remember...not the same thing as fact a lot of times these days.
We had fun getting candy too but I'm way behind on blogging.