October 31, 2008

All kinds of pictures........

The girls getting some lovin' from Uncle Paul!
I bought this from Target, it was a return, and since the store doesn't actually sell them they had to mark it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down! It is a $50+ item, that I paid 12 or so for. Aubrie loves it! I like the fact that it doesn't take up hardly any room when it isn't attached to the table, and even when it is you can still get around it. It will hold her until she is abou 35 pounds, so hopefully we can use it for a while.
Wyatte was experimenting with ways to come down the slide!
Nevaeh enjoying the slide at Cowhorn.
Aubrie and her pumpkin!
This was taken on the bench on my mom's dock. I think it is one of the best pictures that I have taken of the three of them!!!
She loves the leaves!!!
Isn't she adorable!?!?!?!?!??!
Wyatte got to hold a bunny!!!
Nevaeh and her pumpkin from Cowhorn.
Nevaeh trying out a new look!!!
Wyatte all ready for Cubbies. He loves it. Loves memorizing his verses, and the fact that he is the only one in the family that gets to go. His little buddy Kian sits right next to him, so that is fun too!
Uncle Paul and Krislyn came with us to visit Grandma Margaret.
Great Grandma Margaret and Aubrie! They sat together for a while before Aubrie got upset and wanted to get down!
Aubrie loves the walker! I actually got a picture of her waving at me! She can kinda do it when she wants to!!! She loves the fact that she can feed herself when she is in here! She doesn't have to wait for me to put some in her mouth!!!