February 27, 2010

Sleigh’s, skating, swinging, and sliding!!!

Last week I found out about something fun, and cheap, to do on Saturday, so we bundled up and headed to an antique farm for some sleigh rides! 101_0362 We met some friends there, and the kids had a ton of fun on this hill!101_0363 John, Nevaeh and Aubrie on our first rid of the day.  101_0364 Nevaeh enjoying some of the scenery!101_0365 Wyatte had a ton of fun!!!101_0366 The horse on the left of the picture is Bud and the one on the right is Mic.  I asked how they could tell them apart, and the driver told me they had different last names… (Bud) Weiser and (Mic) Aelob!!!  All joking aside, he said one of them has a dark mark on his shoulder.101_0367 Wyatte was looking at the horses bums, and talking to one of the drivers.101_0368 Our friends were on this sleigh101_0369 Nevaeh checking out Bud and Mic.101_0370 Aubrie had to get in on it too!101_0371 Don’t forget Wyatte!!!101_0372 101_0373 101_0374 101_0375 Then the Barton’s all checked out the horses that drove them around.101_0376 Then it was on to the games inside.  This was by far the most favorite!!!101_0378 101_0379 101_0380 101_0381 Look how steamy they are!

101_0382Aren’t they beautiful!  Huge too!!!


Heather said...

looks like you had a blast! :)

A day in the Life... said...

Ok i realize this is from forever ago BUT I wanted to say that ... that totally looked like fun and I am hoping we can do it next year! I bet it was awesome!