March 25, 2008

Late Easter egg hunting

Just to start off, this is a long one...............................

Well, due to our trip to the Cities on Saturday we didn't get home until late (about 12:30) and then the kids slept in a little on Sunday (they didn't wake us up at the usual 6:30/6:45), the Easter Bunny didn't get a chance to stop at our house on Easter Morning. Then after church we went to my Aunt Marilyn's for lunch, and then the kids went to my mom's to spend the night, so the Easter Bunny made a late stop at our house last night! The kids were really excited to come home to Easter eggs hidden all over the house and Easter Baskets full of candy and toys! I have two seperate sets of eggs, a racing car set for Wyatte and a girly set for Nevaeh (we also bought a pink camo set for Aubrie for next year!), but the kids didn't really care that there were two different kinds of eggs they just wanted to find them! So they made out pretty good candy wise last night, and when we dyed eggs at Auntie Marilyn's on Friday they found all the eggs that Great Grandma Margaret and Great Auntie Marilyn filled (with money) and then hid. Aubrie slept through the whole thing.
Wyatte found one of the eggs that Daddy hid. The bucket in his hand came from Grandma Kris. Please look past the mess that you see in the picture. I am feeling better, but can't quite get caught up on the house work.
Wyatte and Nevaeh looking for their Easter eggs. I think Nevaeh actually found the egg that Daddy hid there!
Wyatte examining some of the toys and candy that came in his basket from the Easter Bunny! We didn't get him anything for Easter last year, we thought he was too little to do any of the stuff so this was his first Easter basket. He did get to look for eggs last year, so he knew what he was doing this year!
Nevaeh showing off one of the eggs of candy that she got in her Easter basket. This egg is a sheep and was filled with Kisses.

Yesterday John decided that we needed more fish in the fish tank, so while the kids were at my mom's house we went and picked out a few cichlids to get added to the Jack Dempsey that we have in the tank already. We didn't tell the kids that we were getting them or that we had gotten them, but it only took Wyatte about 2 seconds to realize that we had more "ninnows" in the fish tank! I think John was kinda disappointed that he saw them so fast, but it made for a fun bed time. Wyatte picked out his favorite, a bright orange one; John has his favorite one, a yellow one with black stripes; my favorite one is a light grey with blueish fins; and that leaves the black one for Nevaeh. Aubrie can have the big Jack Dempsey!
Wyatte was trying to find "his" fish.This is my big girl! Eleven days old in these pictures. She was laying there so good that I had to take her picture!
Today we went to see Grandma Linda and Grandpa Tuffy. They have only seen Aubrie twice since she was born because Grandma Linda has been sick since the night before Aubrie arrived in person. Grandma didn't really want her picture taken today because she missed a hair appointment, but we did get a couple of her and a couple of Grandpa too. The kids had fun playing with Grandpa. Now they are all tuckered out, and I have three sleeping kids! I should be spending this time cleaning or doing dishes, or laundry or something, but here I sit at the computer letting you all know what is going on in my life! So feel very loved.Grandma even put Nevaeh's hair in pig-tails! She looks sooooo cute with her hair done like this, but I never take the time to put it up. I guess as her hair gets longer I am going to have to start doing something with it or we are going to end up with a rats nest in the back.... gonna have to start!