March 30, 2008

stress, and cars, and prayers, and the wagon!!!!!!!!:)

-----so today was Sunday, and that means church. which i love. has really touched my heart lately. getting there though has touched my nerves. wyatte and nevaeh seem to do everything in their power to make me mad on Sunday mornings, and i seem to fall for it every time. we do really good until their bath, and somehow as much as they both love to take a bath and love the water, they are both screaming by the end of it. and then it is time to get dressed and then i have to cram my shower into the few minutes between the time we actually get them dressed and the time that we need to leave for church. my mom says that it is the devil trying to discourage us enough to get us to stay home, and i am sure that it is. but it doesn't make it any easier to get through. it reminds me of part of my favorite ken davis movie, when he takes about getting ready for church. i can't remember how it goes now, but everytime john and i talk about it i end up laughing because i know it was soooooo funny. i am going to have to borrow that movie from my mom and rewatch it so that i can tell you all how it goes. he is a halarious christian comedian, and even though i am pretty sure this session was taped with a teenage audience, everything he talks about pertains to every age group. the video that i am talking about is called "a twisted mind" (he has others, and i am pretty sure he is still speaking...) and if you have a chance to watch it you should!!!-----one a different note. john and i are pretty sure that we have a van!!!!!!!!!!!! we have been driving my mom's since aubrie was born, and it has been sooooo nice. we did have a cherokee and didn't think that all five of us could fit in it very well, so we fixed john's jeep wrangler up to sell it, with the intent of buying a mini van with the money, but a family member of our neighbor is selling their's because there is a leak in the oil system somewhere that is going to be around 500.00 to fix and they said that they would sell it to us for 500.00. so for around a thousand dollars we are going to have a van that we can all ride in together!!! we were looking for one with the two sliding doors, but this is going to work out great for our finances too!!!!!!!!!!!-----keep in your prayers that john still is out of work, and probably will be at least until the middle part of may. we did start getting his unemployment money, but it isn't much... also help me keep my patience. john did some driving on friday for a friend of his, and left me home with the three kids, and it didn't go as well as i had hoped. so...----------my camera is in the car, so no new pics tonight, but i will get some new ones up here soon i promise. john put together the wagon that aubrie and i got as a baby shower gift, and wyatte and neveah are soooo excited to use it. we had two beautiful days and then i decided to put the wagon together and it has been cold since then, so we haven't been outside at all. so hopefully soon it will warm up again and we can use it! i am ready to start walking again. i was walking between 12 and 14 miles working in target, and since aubrie has been born, haven't done any of that sooo... need to keep all the weight off that i lost!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aliya'sMommy said...

Hey, glad to see you joined blogspot! Yes I'm nursing and doing weight watchers. You just get 12 extra points so I HAVE to eat 37 points a day!!!