December 3, 2009

Craft Challenge (kinda)

My camera crapped out on me last night, and so instead of having pictures of the things that I made for this month’s craft challenge, you have to look at the pictures that I got the ideas from.

My mother-in-law gets GREAT magazines that I love to browse through.  In the past I have never had the money to actually buy anything from them, but it was fun to dream.  Well now that my hubby is back to work I could order some things from them, but the only things that I really liked I decided that I could make!  So off to Walmart (we don’t have a “craft” store in town, and with three young kids you don’t make any extra trips out of town, unless you have to!  So I made do with what I found!!!

This was the first picture that I fell in love with.Fullscreen capture 1232009 65006 AM.bmp

Taken from The Country House catalog.

Or at least the mittens!  For these I got some off white flannel and dyed it burgundy (stained the tub in the process!!!) I made them smaller than they are in the catalog and because of that they were really hard to sew, so I used some super glue for now, and have to figure something else out if they start coming apart!  I got some tiny clothes pins and some twine to hang them on.  Don’t quite know where they are going to end up finally, but they are sure cute!!!

Next I saw this frame, and loved the idea, but not the whole thing…Fullscreen capture 1232009 65435 AM.bmp

Taken from The Country House catalog.

I found a wood frame at Walmart, stained it with a light stain, and then started picking out papers.  The first one I did is green and blue, the second one I did is the same color scheme as the one in the picture, and then I have papers cut out to do a black and white one, and a beautiful gray/silver patterned paper.  No words on them, at least for now.  I would like to be able to change the pictures if I want, and not be limited to a certain type…

Last but not least, was this idea.Fullscreen capture 1232009 65639 AM.bmp

I couldn’t find tags like this in Walmart, but did find some scrapbooking “scrap” pack that had tan/brown cardstock in it.  So I found a couple of tag patterns in another scrapbooking pack that I got, and traced them and then cut them out.  Darkened the edges (used some stain and some gold/bronze paint), used some of the circles that are used to strengthen whole punched holes (do you know what I am talking about !?!?!?!) and painted them a gold/bronze color and put them at the top.  I painted Merry Christmas on mine, but have plans to make at least another set with a different saying.  I also got some thin crafting wire to string them together.

All in all I was pretty happy with them all.  If I get a new camera, or figure out what is wrong with my old one I will take pics and share them with you all.

Can’t wait to see what everyone else has done!!!!!


Merry Christmas!!!


**** Whoops!  Forgot to add in the link to Blue Eyed Blessings! So here it is!!!  Go check out some of the other Christmas Crafts that everyone has made!!!!!


The Mumpowers said...

I bet what you did turned out great! I live somewhere where I can't exactly get the craft supplies I need/want without ordering them online so I know what you mean by just using what you have. :) Oh, and by the way, your Disney font for Merry Christmas made me smile. :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Cute crafts! The little mittens are adorable...makes me wish I had a fireplace to hang something like that on:)

Miller Racing Family said...

Sorry about the camera. How they always break when we need them the most.
I bet all the projects are so cute. I really liked the idea for the tags.
Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous day!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

How sad that your camera isn't working! That would be super hard for me, but I'm glad that you decided to still join in and pass along the inspiration. The ideas you shared all sound great and I really like how you worked with what you had available to you to make it work for you! The mittens are adorable...hope to see how yours turned out in the future! Thanks for joining in the challenge!

Amy said...

My camera broke this Summer when I dropped it. I kept on using it but then it started to fall apart. What great ideas you have..

Katie said...

Oh that totally stinks that your camera broke! Great timing too, right before the holidays. Hope you can get it fixed or a new one because I'd love to see your actual projects. The sound better than the originals. I love the idea to use more than one kind of paper to cover your frame. I normally use just one and now lots of new design possibilities are popping into my head.