December 28, 2009

Wyatte Turns 5

Since Wyatte’s birthday fell on a school day I decided to make cupcakes and send them for snack.  I looked around the internet, but didn’t find anything that I liked.  So I came up with this!  Isn’t he cute!??!?!??!?!  IMG_0026IMG_0044This is what I started with, a circus peanut.  I cut some off the bottom so that one end was up higher than the other. (I enjoyed that part!!!)

IMG_0045IMG_0046Then using these wonderfully expensive cake making tools (yes I am talking about the pop can and fork!!!) I frosted the circus peanut green.  Then I cut a jelly belly jelly bean in thirds, and used the two ends as nostrils.IMG_0047IMG_0049Then I frosted over them.  Using another jelly bean, this time only cut in half, I made eyes.  Using white sprinkles I added teeth and wala!  Cute crocodile cupcakes!!!IMG_0050then I put the whole thing on a blue frosted cupcake, and there it is!  I think they turned out pretty cute.  They did take me a while, so if you are going to try them budget out a little more time than normal!!!IMG_0051


Grandma Linda was wonderful enough to bring Wyatte to school and pick him up afterwards, so that I could get stuff done for Wyatte’s family party that was that night.  Grandpa Stan came over for lunch and brought presents for all the kids!  Aubrie and Nevaeh got books.IMG_0055IMG_0057And Wyatte got a camo shirt (that in these pics is the wrapping paper!)IMG_0058IMG_0060IMG_0061IMG_0062IMG_0063Inside was a camo coat, and in the hood, sleeves, and pockets were all kind of treat!  A camo hat, gloves, and TONS OF CANDY!!!IMG_0078




IMG_0079Here is the start of the crocodile cake that I made for him family party, and am going to make again when he has his friend party in January (there is WAY to much going on in December to have a party so we are just doing it one weekend in January!)IMG_0080Here is the cake that I kinda went off of.  Not the same in any aspect, but it gave me a starting point…IMG_0081The feet are cupcakes, with marshmallow claws/toes (I used french vanilla snowman ones, trimmed a little bit because that seemed the easiest) The eyes are strawberry marshmallows, frosted, then another snowman cut a little, with a blue mini m & m’s as the pupil.  The nostrils are parts of french vanilla marshmallows, frosted, with brown mini m & m’s.  The teeth are the marshmallows, cut into slivers…IMG_0082IMG_0083IMG_0084For supper I made a version of Penne Alfredo.  I loosely followed this recipe for Alfredo sauce, cooked penne noodles, used a deli rotisserie chicken and stirred it all together and then baked it for a while.  When I make it again I will double the sauce, it was a little too dry for my taste, but was great!  I did add minced garlic, and onions.

Then it was time for presents.  He got a truck with horse and trailer, a farm lego set, a marshmallow shooter, a monster truck, a book for special school papers and pictures, flashlights, and a digger/truck magnetic puzzle, and a sweatshirt and warmup pants.  I am sure I am missing something, but…IMG_0085IMG_0088IMG_0089IMG_0090IMG_0093IMG_0096IMG_0112

IMG_0113I can’t believe that I have a 5 year old.  Crazy how the time goes by.