December 31, 2009

My lack of a Christmas letter led to this…

So I didn’t get a Christmas letter out, I didn’t even get my Christmas cards/photos out :( I started a few of them, but didn’t have time to finish them. image This card was my inspiration, (it’s is taken from the Family Fun website and you can find the directions HERE), but I couldn’t find any candy cane stickers.  One of the joys of living in a small town and having three children so you don’t brave a trip to a larger town to get the stuff that you “need”…  So I improvised…  and came up with this…IMG_0531 Imagine it with the same snowman as in the above picture!  The snowman is actually an ornament that you can hang on your tree!!!  How cute are they!?!?!?!?  Since I couldn’t find candy cane stickers, I looked around for anything that I could cut to make it look like candy canes, and found some candy cane wrapping paper.  After about 45 mins and only 10 cut out candy canes I gave up and tried something else.  I had these letter stickers from another project so I put them on this stripped scrapbooking paper and brought it to a copy place in town and had them copy them for me.  Then I made the snowmen, hot glued them on and we were good to go!  (I did make about 15 of them, and hand them out, but if you weren’t around when I had them you missed out!!!) 

This is the picture that I put in the cards, and even if you didn’t get a Christmas card you will be getting the picture (or at least most of you will!!!)1 Of the pictures that Katie took of the kids I think this is my favorite because NO ONE is looking at the camera!!!  There are other cute ones, but I like this one!  And since everyone has asked where I got the outfits here is the info!  Nevaeh’s orange shirt came from Gymboree, the cream sweater was Target, and her brown pants are a Target pair of flared leggings.  Aubrie’s shirt is actually a 3-6 month dress from Gymboree and she also has on Target flared leggings.  Wyatte’s sweater came from Target and his pants from Penney’s.  And even though not matchy matchy, they are coordinated! 

I have been reading blogs that have the top few things that have happened to them or that they have done in the past year, and while I can come up with a couple my lists aren’t nearly as exciting.  I will work on a post with those and you can look for that later tonight or tomorrow…

Right now I am off to make a treat to bring tonight to the party at the church and then we are off to some fireworks to ring in the New Year!!! 


Happy New Year!!!


Heather said...

love the picture!! and the card too! glad you came tonight. :)