January 1, 2010

For those of you out there…

I haven’t been on here much lately, partly because it is winter and I have once again hit a little depression that is associated with the season.  Last year it started later, so I am little nervous about how this will go, especially considering other circumstances that I will share later.  And also partly because of the circumstances that I will be sharing later (no we aren’t pregnant.) And partly because I have become addicted to blogs and facebook, and was trying to limit my time on the computer and so blogging go pushed to a back burner.  I actually went as far as to keep the internet off (read, it was totally shot off from the providers end)  for a while to keep my self from being on the computer too much. 

On to the more info that you all want!!!  Anywho, most of you that read this know that John was laid off in Oct. of 2008 when the construction company didn’t have enough work for him.  That job was a huge blessing and we are grateful to Dale for providing the job as he was able.  He did do some plowing of power substations over the winter, and mowed them all during the summer, but for the most part he was unemployed.  We even had to go as far as extend his unemployment for awhile because he wasn’t working.  John was waiting for a pipeline job.  Lynn S., a friend and previous boss, works for them and said that he could get John on with him (this has been going on since Aubrie was born…) Originally he was supposed to start in April of ‘08, that didn’t pan out so we waited, then it was June of ‘08, the Sept of ‘08.  Then they shut down for the winter.  Then there was some political this with the reservation over some land that they either wanted the pipeline to buy, or didn’t want to sell, sorry I am not really sure of the details.  Anyways, John did make the trip to Duluth to join the laborers union and was told that he would NOW start when ever the pipeline got the go ahead.  This was another wait, and another wait, and another wait, and another wait…  You get the idea.

I was working as much as they would schedule me at Autumn Lane, the adult care home that John’s sister owns.  So that helped some…  But we were still struggling.  If we didn’t have such WONDERFUL landlords (John’s mom and dad) we would have been homeless once again.

Finally in the end of Sept/beginning of Oct he STARTED!!!  I will admit I was kinda sick of having him at home ALL THE TIME!!! Now I am kinda sick of him being gone all the time.  He gets up between 4:30 and 5 AM and is out the door a little before 6 AM and doesn’t get home until between 5:30 and 8, depending on the night.  A normal work week for him started out as Monday thru Saturday.  Thanksgiving Day the guys were told that they wouldn’t get another day off until Christmas, (thankfully that didn’t happen, but it was still pretty bad) Between Thanksgiving and Christmas break, He had 1, yes I said 1, day off.  Christmas break started the Saturday before Christmas and ended the Sunday after.  That was nice to have him home.  Nice for him to get some extra rest.  He took naps, opened presents, saw his brother, put up a door and wall (ask me about that later, after I have taken pics and I will show you!!!) and then went back to work this past Monday.  He told me that morning that he heard they were going to work every day now until the project was done.  So that could be March, or April, before he gets another day off.

So, while him working is a GREAT thing for us financially (I am working on a post about that as well, because I NEED HELP) him being gone 6 or more often 7 days a week is hard on him, me, and the kids.  So please pray for his health and wellbeing, my mental and physical health, and the kids during this winter.  We are already starting to feel some of the side effects of Daddy being gone so much, I don’t have as much energy to do stuff with the kids, the kids have too much energy, they are acting out more, I am yelling more, John sleeps pretty much the whole time he is home.  It isn’t fun to be in the house some times.  So we need some thoughts and prayers.  And invites to do fun things this winter so we DON’T GO CRAZY!!!  I was glad for this past week, where there was no school, no Cubbies, no MUMS, nothing to do really, but now I am ready to be moving again, and have places to go and things to do.  Just to keep us sane!!!

So pardon this VERY long post, but I wanted to share some of the goings on in our house, and ask for prayer.  So please remember us!!!


Heather said...

will do.... and you can dump 2 of your kids off with me on Wednesday p.m. :) ugh, i'm still not ready to go back! :)

Alex Jerry; Stephanie Jerry said...

Oh Sharalee, I'm sorry. It's great that he finally has a job, but we've gone through that tough stage of working non-stop with very young children and it was very hard. It will end, though. Just keep telling yourself that. It won't last forever. In the mean time, I will definitely be praying for some joy to return to your family and some calmness, as well. Steph