January 21, 2010

Valentines Craft!

Since I didn’t get my Christmas Crafts photographed for you all to see, I thought I better get my Valentines ones done!  I was blog surfing the other day, instead of cleaning (but my house is WAY cleaner than it was a few days ago, so it is ok!!!) and came across a super cute post by “tatertots and jello”

This is my version of what she made (sorry for the crooked pictures…)

 101_0318These are going to either sit on a shelf, after I move it from the entryway to the living room, or hang on the wall.  I really like the way the black, red, white, cream, and grey came together!

101_0322101_0323 These are actually fake grapes that I had bought a while back for something, and never used them and when I pulled out the marbles I noticed the grapes were the same color and thought I would through them on a paper and see what it looked like.  I actually like that sheet the best! The love hanger is part of the scrapbook paper, and super glued in…101_0320 101_0319I really wish I had some plain black ribbon for the bow on this “0”, but the black is white is ok too…


These next couple pics are my first ones, and they turned out a little more country, or folk, or something than I wanted, so I tried the black and red…  I still like these, but not for my house!  If anyone else wants them, let me know!!!101_0314 101_0315


jenjen said...

I love them!!! You did an awesome job! I love the little tag you used too. SO cute.

I am going to put them in the Reader Spotlight post that I am writing now. I will publish it sometime this weekend!