April 2, 2008

Pics and words, and words and pics

Well, here are a few of the pictures that I haven't been able to upload lately. Aubrie is getting to the point where she wants to be held all the time, and she won't hardly even sleep anymore unless she is being held, which makes it hard to get anything else done in the house. Well, the other day when I was putting away the baby boy clothes that I had washed just in case we didn't get the girl that they said we were getting, I found a baby carrier that I didn't realize I had. I tried it out with Aubrie and she actually fell asleep in it!
This next picture is a pic of Nevaeh on our way to church on Sunday. John thought that she needed her hair in pig tails so... What is really sad is that this picture was taken about 45 seconds before we pulled into the parking lot at church, and by the time I was unbuckled and ready to get her out she had lost one of the hair ties, and her hair was sticking straight out of her head. So she got a messy ponytail for church.
Then the other night I decided that instead of ordering Aubrie's birth announcements from a company for 1.65 a peice, I was going to make my own. So I spent a few hours (it has ended up being....)picking the right pictures, the right places on the announcement, the right colors for the words and graphics, the right words to put on it, and so forth and so on. Then I had to decide how many pics to put on and it didn't look right with 4, but I didn't have 5 pictures that I liked enough to put on the announcement, so at 10:30 at night I decided to have a photo shoot with Aubrie....
Then this is what happened about five minutes later.... yep, she is nursing!!! I woke her up and she decided she was hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still didn't like the pics that I had taken, and had on the announcement, so today I got her all dolled up and took some more! These ones turned out really cute I think. I finally got the camera figured out to where I can take pictures of Aubrie with out the "angel kiss" on her forehead looking like one of my older kids colored on her with a bright red marker. So here are a few of my favorite ones!!!
So there are my last few days in a few pics! We also did buy a van, but I didn't get any pics of that yet either, so.... It is a dark green, a little shorter than most van's, but the kids are still little and so it works for me! The radio doesn't work right now, but John thinks he can fix it. We are getting an oil leak fixed, for 200$ less than we thought. AND ALL FIVE OF US FIT IN IT!!!!! I need to run off to bed now though, stayed up way to late last night watching John play Rock Band on X-box. They tried to get me to play, but it was a no go. Someday maybe, but.... I haven't even heard of half of the songs that they have on that game, I must be getting old, either that or my kids are way too young!!!!


Amy said...

Aubrie looks so comfy in the carrier. I'm making you a wrap - stretchy so it's easy to use. It uses both shoulders so that makes it really comfy. Hopefully I'll get time to show you on Saturday at the wedding.

Amy M