August 18, 2009

Not quite sure what to name this post…

Phil (my oldest younger brother) moved to Maine a couple of weeks ago.  100_4919 The week before he left Wyatte got sick on Monday, Nevaeh got sick on Thursday, Aubrie got sick on Friday, I got sick on Saturday; and we had a going away supper Saturday night.  So being the wonderful sister that I am I took all my family to the party, even being sick.  I told everyone to stay away from us, but as you can see above that only lasted part of the night.  Mom wanted a picture of all four of us kids, and the boys complied.  It isn’t the greatest picture of us, but hey at least we are all there right!  The sad thing is Phil and Kirk got sick.  Made for an interesting drive to Maine for Phil. 


For those of you that haven’t met my family before I am the oldest of the kids, Philip is four years younger than me and is seen in the picture below checking out his new iPhone.  100_4900 100_4901 100_4902 This is my dad, Stan.  (my parents are divorced, but live in the same town)

100_4904 100_4906 100_4907 This is my baby brother, Kirk.  He is eleven years younger than me.  Wyatte is eleven years younger than Kirk.  Kinda fun!  He is the one the kids see the most because he still lives at home with my mom.  100_4908 100_4909 100_4910 100_4912 100_4914 100_4915 100_4917Paul is the one in the picture with a beard.  He is the middle brother, and is 8 years younger than me.  He was going to school in Duluth, but in now transferring to ICC for this semester.


Anyways, back to the post….  oh wait, I haven’t really felt like blogging lately so I don’t really have anything to say……