August 18, 2009


So a while back Heidi B mentioned at our Bible Study that there was a Inline Marathon in Duluth in Sept.  She thought it would be great for us to do it.  We all got excited, and started making plans.  John and I dug out his old rollerblades, we met at the trail.  And I only made it about 2 1/2 miles!!!  I went with two others that first time and they went about 3 1/2 or 4 miles.  Then I didn’t go out again for about 10 days.  I went 1.9 miles Tuesday, 3.1 miles Wednesday and then met them for our second go round.  I went about 4 Thursday, and they went about 5. 

Then my whole family got sick and I worked overnights and afternoons and didn’t go out.  So tonight (even though I worked an overnight last night) I went out because we are meeting again in a couple of days and Heidi wants to do like 11 or more miles………  And I did 3.1 miles again tonight.  I was going to do both my routes and get 5 miles in, but it got dark REALLY FAST!!!  So I only got part of the skate in.  Hopefully tomorrow I can do the whole 5 (or more) but we will see. 

I am not super worried about the time or how far I go.  What I am more concerned with right now it the fact that I am getting out and I am exercising.  I have quite a bit of weight to lose to get back to a healthy weight, and this is a start.  What is really nice is that I actually enjoy rollerblading.  I might get VERY tired, and weak by the end, and not know how to stop very well, and am scared of falling but I really enjoy getting out there and feeling the wind in my hair, and listening to the praise and worship pouring into my ears.  God is totally amazing when I am too winded to talk over Him!!!  He is amazing all the time, but…  You know what I mean right!?!?! 

So right now I am looking for a good way to keep track of how far I have gone, and what days I did it, and how long it took me.  Just to have a record.  Right now I can remember the times I have gone out and how far, and so forth and so on….  But would like something that I can look back on.  So if anyone has anything that they use to keep track let me know.  I found a couple on Google Documents, but they aren’t quite what I want.  So I am going to keep looking. 

Keep asking me about the rollerblading so that I have some accountability!!!