August 31, 2009

I am re posting this as part of the "get your craft on" fun! Hope some of you that haven't seen it enjoy some of the pics!
There is another post about the party prep here, enjoy!!!

100_4139 Here is what the cake looked like (after Nevaeh stuck her fingers in it!) It was pretty easy, besides the mess! (see below…)100_4140 John had done the dishes before I started the cake and fondant, I used every dish in there!!!

100_4141 I made my own fondant. Tried the stuff in the stores for previous cakes, and it was gross. This you can actually eat, doesn’t taste like rotten fish. It was pretty easy, melted marshmellows, a couple drops of water, and powdered sugar. Tinted one batch green and wanted the other one more a fuchsia, but couldn’t get the color right, so it ended up pure purple… Still ok!!! 100_4142 I did one rectangle cake, and two rounds. The round cakes were really cool when we cut into them. The rectangle one did too, but you got each color in the rounds!!!100_4144 Nevaeh partially ready for her party! She was modeling the skirts that I made for the girls as party favors.100_4151 Aubrie showing off her skirt! I made it with some of the “mistake” cuts that I made! 100_4156 The older boys headed outside to make tops, while the younger kids made candy necklaces! Tinkerbell is a tinker fairy and tinker’s love to build things!!!100_4157 I got the kits at Walmart, and they were ok. Might have been a little too old for the 3 year olds, but they still had fun!100_4158 100_4159 100_4160 All the boys outside working! My dad does this type of top when he spins. Just a dowel cut and one end sharpened to a point, then a circle cut with a hole in the middle. You decorate the wood circle with markers and then put the two together and wa-la(s/p) a fun toy!!!100_4161 (I used a tutorial from Grosgrain for the skirts, and also blogged about making them here.) All the girls in the skirts that I made for them! They were pretty excited to get them! Nevaeh (july), Karis (june), Emily (july), Bekah (august), Selah (october), and Taylor (september I think). All turn three this year! There are two boys too that will turn three sometime before december, but I don’t know their birth months either…100_4165 Watching Tinkerbell on the TV.

100_4166 Nevaeh opening her presents. She quadrupled her “girly” toys in one day! Thanks guys she loves the gifts!!! (above a tinkerbell flutter toy, below a few suckers and a matching game and also a crown pillow. She has taken the crown pillow everywhere with her!!!)100_4167 100_4177 This is what the cake looked like decorated. The green fondant got too dry and ripped, so I had to try to figure out how to fix it…so the cake wasn’t the most beautiful, but it was super cute anyways!!! Under “Nevaeh” was a huge rip and the resulting horrible fix it job!!! There are blades of grass and purple “rock” like things around the cake. 100_4184 Hanging out while we wait for lunch to be done cooking.100_4185 This made us all laugh, reminded us of a wedding dress picture! With the whole skirt lifted up behind her!!!100_4186 Aubrie enjoying lunch. She was nibbling off of Nevaeh’s plate100_4192 Our cloudy day turned beautiful and we got to head out side for cake! 100_4193 100_4195 Here is a shot of the round cake! Doesn’t it look awesome! Thanks Mikki for sharing your cake!!!100_4207 My brothers came out to help, here is Paul pulling some girls in the wagon.

100_4208 100_4219 One of the boys that will turn 3 this summer! 100_4225 The aftermath!100_4226

100_4229Nevaeh showing off one of the presents that she got. She wants to wear these shoes all the time! I think someone started something that I am not ready for!!!

All in all it was a great day, fun for everyone I think. I have to say that I am glad I am done planning parties for a while. Wyatte’s birthday isn’t until December!!!


Heidi said...

Fun to see, Sharalee! You'll have to tell me again about the cake now that I've seen it. Amazing! The outfits are SO cute!


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What a fun day and a GREAT cake! Super creative and I bet the guests enjoyed digging in and finding what was inside.

Love the music playing in the background. Makes me want to keep your blog up, so I can listen to music while I work on the computer. :)