June 25, 2009

Alphabitty Moments, brought to you by the letter R

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Head on over to 4 the love of family to see what Mama Bear and other did this week. 

This week was fun for me!  I know I have been remiss in doing these pages, but I am getting back in the swing of things.  Wyatte’s pages are first with “Rides”

Fullscreen capture 6252009 83759 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 6252009 83809 PM.bmpThe text says “1st: Wyatte and Nevaeh getting ready to go to the underwater adventure. 2nd: Wyatte and Nevaeh giving daddy a ride in the big rigs. 3rd: Going up in the big balloon ride 4th: Daddy pulling the stroller up the stairs to the ferris wheel because we couldn’t find the elevator! 5th: Wyatte and Nevaeh by a huge statue of a turtle at the end of the underwater adventure.


Aubrie is next.  Hers is pretty cute I think!!!

Fullscreen capture 6252009 84524 PM.bmp


Nevaeh’s is pretty much the same as Wyatte’s I did switch one of the pictures in Nevaeh’s because she wasn’t in the one of Wyatte and John on the log ride!  So this is her first page, and her second page will be the same as Wyatte’s, the one with the five small pictures.    Fullscreen capture 6252009 91357 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 6252009 83809 PM.bmp


MamaBear said...

That Balloon ride makes me SO SICK! I cannot ride on that one - I make PapaBear do it. :) The Log ride is my favorite, but I haven't been on it since high school. One of these days....

Did you ever go when it was Camp Snoopy and not NickAdventures? I much preferred the Peanuts characters to the stuff they have now.

I love that you explain the pics ON the pages! Very clever!

♥Rocío♥ said...

Amazing Pictures!!!
I love all your "R"

Tutu said...

Great job! And thanks for the Rides idea! When I go through the alphabet again with my daughters, this will be a great one! They love rides...the bigger and faster, the better!

Kelly said...

Great pictures! My kids love the mall of America!