June 26, 2009


This morning John couldn’t find his sunglasses and debit card.  He needed both because he was going mowing.  What he did find though was my CAMERA CHARGER!  What a relief.  Even though I did go ahead and order another battery and a charger off of ebay, and they showed up today too!!!  The wonders of modern life. 

Anyways, we had a lake date (like a play date only at the lake!!!) this morning, so I plugged the camera in and we were back in business!  Until I left it here and had to turn around to get it.  Good thing we were going to a lake a short distance from our house.  So here are a few pictures from our morning!

100_3786 Wyatte was the first one to jump off the dock!

100_3788I was able to put Aubrie in the floaty/ring and she stood there for a while.  As you can see she isn’t the happiest of kids but she did do it for a while!  She even took a couple of steps, until she lost her balance just a little and then she just wanted to be held.


100_3789nevaeh loving the water!  Such a smile on her face!!!


100_3792One of wyatte’s jumps!  I tried to get one of him in the air, but that is going to have to wait for our next swimming trip.


100_3791Neveah just lounging in the water.  So nice to have her comfortable in the water this year.  Last year she was pretty scared of it, especially if you weren’t holding on to her.  THis year, now that Aubrie likes is still able to force into the water, it is nice to only have to have one hanging on you!

100_3798My chicken kids as we went for our water walk!

100_3799Wyatte looking with interest as we walked deeper and deeper and deeper farther and farther and farther, without the water getting any deeper!  Such as nice place to swim with small/young kids!


100_3800Nevaeh wanted to come with us for our water walk, but thought it was too deep for her.  Such a sad girl...


100_3802Wyatte and Sam filling up a squirty thing that miss Heidi got at a garage sale.  The kids loved it! 


100_3803Wyatte found a huge rock and this is the result of that rock!  I only let him throw drop it a couple of times!!!


100_3804Nevaeh playing with one of sam and seth’s boats.  she is finally getting brave enough to go in the water alone.  Most of the time she has her floaty (ring) on but not always!

100_3810 Her little butt was kinda hanging out of her swim suit and I couldn’t pass it up!  You can’t really see it in this picture, but…


100_3813 Sam, seth, Wyatte and Nevaeh playing after they got done eating.  I think they were making a fire pit or something like that!


100_3814        Aubrie getting into our food!  Or maybe this was when she was putting it away!!!

100_3808Nevaeh and Aubrie enjoying some lunch after we swam for a while.

We decided that since our family, and now the Barton’s like this lake and landing soooooo much that we are going to share it with some of our other friends!  So hopefully someday in the future we will have more lake date pictures to show you all.  RIght now though I am going to enjoy the sun drying my clothes!  Have a great day