June 15, 2009

A blast from the past! In present form!

I got a text from my mom yesterday during church that said, “Hana and Carla are here.” I guess I had forgotten to tell her that they were going to be here.  Hana Jo is one of my best friends from my before marriage and kids days.  We did a ton together when we were younger.  Hannah, who we nicknamed Hana (!), is a couple years younger than I am, but we were in youth group together, and our families did alot together. (I think!) I had a crush on her brother, and we “dated”for a short while.  Any who…  Her family moved to Ohio a number of years ago, and I have only seen her once since then.  Two years back another close friend of ours got married and Hana came back to be in the wedding.  If I remember right she had just found out that she was pregnant, and was super excited about it!  A few days ago, Hana, her mom Carla, and Hana’s daughter Aliya started the trek from Ohio to Minnesota.  They made a few stops on the way but arrived this past weekend.  Yesterday I called her or she called me and we made plans to visit today.  I was super excited to see her and meet her daughter, who is about a month and a half older than Aubrie. So enjoy some of the pictures that I took today. 

100_3771 This is Carla, Aliya, Kris (my mom) and Hana

100_3766 Hana, Aliya and Aubrie headed down to the lake.

100_3764 Aliya and Aubrie playing, or fighting over a book!  Depends on how you look at the picture!!!


Aubrie sat down in the little chair and Aliya wanted in a chair too.  They looked so cute sitting there!



  Aubrie and me, Aliya and Hannah.

100_3779 I had a bag of swimsuits packed and ready to go to Grandma’s but as you can tell I forgot them, and the kids didn’t mind at all!  They were soaked in about 2 minutes after we got down to the lake. 


I took Aubrie’s diaper off and let her stand in the water.  At first she thought it was a little too cold, but she didn’t think that for long!  She loved it.  She was splashing around in the water here.  I was sitting on the dock and she was holding on.  I took her out when she started getting brave and started walking around.  She got mad at me at first but then she sat down with Grandma and was fine!

100_3778 Grandma Kris with Aubrie after Aubrie got done playing in the lake!


100_3772 Aliya Ana-Jo, Isn’t she beautiful!


Heather said...

very cute pictures! glad you had fun!