June 27, 2009

Some stuff down…

I have been getting ready for Nevaeh’s birthday party.  I finally have a date nailed down.  And because of that date and time I am planning some stuff for some older boys as well!  I think it is going to be great!  I am not too stressed out yet.  I do think I bit off more than I can chew at times, but over all it is going well.  I have two of the 7 skirts done…100_3835 100_3833 100_3834

I do know that there are three pictures there, but there is only one skirt!  I just wanted to give you a few different angles!  I got the idea for the skirt on this blog, with a few adaptions to suit me!  I used sparkly green and white tulle.  Two different thickness and color green ribbon.  And a ribbon waist instead of the elastic that she used.  I think they are going to be adorable on the girls!  I still need to figure out if I am going to make anything for the two little boys that are might come. 


The girls that come get to take this skirt home as one of the party favors!  I also dyed some tank-tops green and they will get to take them home too.  I am hoping they will put them on at the party and let me get a cute pic of them all together!  Other party favors for the girls include a tinkerbell chapstick, and a small purple clutch bag.  And a candy necklace/bracelet that they are going to make.  Tinkers like to build/make things, don’t you know!!! 

I have the invites done finally!  100_3819a At the reminding of a reader (thanks erin) I “waterfalled” out our address and phone number, just in case!  So the bottom where it looks like a bar code is just for showing you guys purposes.  The real one says “the party will be at…” and “please RSVP to…”

This is the one for the girls that are getting invited.  I got the pic of Tinkerbell off the internet.  Then used to add the text and the green frame.  The envelopes each have the girls name on it (in a Walt Disney font of course!!!), surrounded by flowers.  There are three different colors of ribbon for the tops.100_3820


Nevaeh boy invite...a

Same thing for this pictures, I “waterfalled” our number out…

This is the one for the boys.  Two of the main characters are Clank and Bobble, two of the funniest guys you will see in an animated movie I think!!!  I used green and blue ribbon on the boys, and printed their names out in the same font as the girls names, but don’t know if I am going to put an stickers around them or not.  I am going to have to look next time I am in Walmart…  I guess I am going to have to go tonight because I am passing them out tomorrow at church!!!100_3836


I finally figured out what I am going to do for the cake too!  A cousin (of some relation, sorry Mikki not totally sure how you are related) posted a pic on Facebook and I LOVED IT!!!  Does this not look like FUN!!!  cake1

Here how she did it…Cake

She used a red velvet cake recipe, with out adding the red.  Then separated the cake batter into 6 different bowls.  Using gel food coloring she tinted it.  Then “stacked” it into the cake pan.  I am going to try to do this, only in a round cake pan.  The cake I am going to try to make is going to look somewhat like this one.  (Go check it out.) Only I am hoping to have richer colors.  I was also having a hard time finding a cake topper.  We were just going to order a small cake from walmart and then eat that cake and use the topper on the cake that I was going to make.  Well wandering around walmart the other day, I found a totally perfect cake topper!!!  And you will never guess where I found it…  100_3842

(don’t pay any mind to the fact that my bed isn’t made! or that my sheets and quilt don’t match…) This wonderful figurine came off of a……wait for it……wait for it………wait for it……..wait for it……A BUBBLE BATH CANISTER!!!  For cheaper than what I could get the cake, or the topper in the store!  So I took it off the bubble bath right away, washed it well and it has been sitting in my birthday stuff pile since!!!  I am getting excited.


So I think this post is long enough, and there aren’t even any pics of the kids!!!  Oh well I had fun, hope you enjoyed reading this!!!


Heather said...

that cake is awesome! i kinda want to try it now! the tutus are way cute! i'm sure the girls will have a blast!

Mindy said...

It is amazing how much work you are putting into this birthday party! I would have just gotten the tinkerbell tutus at the dollar store...they have them in this town at least but yours look SO MUCH cuter. She will have a great time.

ben and erin said...

what a fun party! you're way ahead of schedule, compared to me! i'm sure you'll have a great party!