July 4, 2009

Not for the faint at heart… be warned.

A few weeks/months ago we bought some baby chickens.  Yesterday was time to say good bye to the ones that we bought for meat.  We bought fifteen of them, only eight survived the first few days.  So we brought our eight to my dad’s to add to their 70 +/-.  We showed up at 9ish and left a little before 3.  They had started before we got there, but when we were leaving they were done.  Here are a few pictures from our day.  Please be warned that there are pictures of dead chickens in this post.  Only look if that is ok with you!   100_3890 100_3891 100_3892 100_3893 This is how they “bleed” them out.  The buckets are nailed to a board and there is a whole in the bottom.  The neck comes out and then off…100_3896 Normally they stay in the bucket, but every once in a while…100_3897 

Then from the bucket to the boiling water, then to the “plucker”  This is a motorized machine.  turn it on and it spins and takes the majority of the feathers off.100_3899T 100_3900 100_3901 Most of the chickens weighed between 4 and 6 pounds.  They sell some of them for 3$ a pound, so if anyone is interested let me know…100_3902 My baby brother hauling the chickens to the buckets.100_3903 100_3904 The kids were at my mom’s for a while, she brought them over on her way to Al Hermiston’s funeral.  I thought they would be grossed out, or something but they were very interested.  Nevaeh even carried one from the bucket to John!  Wyatte got a couple turns turning the plucker on and off.  100_3905 100_3906 100_3907 Watching the chickens flop around in the bucket.100_3908 Wyatte got to see what was going on when the machine was on.

100_3912Kirk, Dad, John and Mike cleaning chickens.  When the kids showed up I got cleaned up and quit helping.  Was too scary to have Aubrie running around.  She likes to put stuff in her mouth… gross.100_3913Wyatte checking out the turkeys.  Dad said last year when the butchered these guys they were around 50 pounds…  HUGE!!!


Heather said...

oh, this brings back so many childhood memories..... :)