July 6, 2009

Watson Reunion

Today was an awesome day for me.  The whole weekend was awesome, but today was very awesome.  A couple of Sunday’s ago, I believe it was Father’s Day, but I could be wrong… Pastor Charlie Nelson, a former pastor at Grace, did the sermon.  It was called “What’s Your Legacy” or something along those lines.  I was thinking about it and wondering what mine was.  Looking back at that Sunday I think the devil totally blocked certain things in my head and make me wonder where I came from and who I was, in Christ and in my family.  Such hurtful feelings I had that day. 

Well, this morning God gently reminded me in so many strong ways, what my legacy is.  Part of our 4th of July celebration when the 4th falls on a weekend is to have our own church service as a family.  This is the first one that I have been to since becoming an adult, since it only happens every six or so years…  Anyways, today was one of those days.  As everyone started coming this morning I was packing up our tent and stuff from the day before.  Then I changed and headed to the garage where we had our service.  We started with a few songs, and as everyone found a seat I started to cry.  And spent most of the service in tears.  I stood up and went to the back and started counting… This is what I saw100_4044

What you can’t see in this picture is that there are 70+/- of my extended family in this picture.  There were a 105 people there yesterday, give or take a few, to enjoy the food and fun of the 4th.  Today the majority of the family came back to worship God!  There were a few missing that were celebrating the life of Nathan Junker in a service to honor God and share testimonies with everyone, and they did want to be with us, but thought it more important to spend this time mourning and rejoicing with the church family that just lost so much. 

There are 4 generations in these pictures.  I am going to try to get the story straight, and I know that I am going to mess something up, but I am going to try and someone can correct me (PLEASE) so that you guys can get a glimpse of MY LEGACY!!!  Martin Vall was a part-time farmer, part-time builder/construction worker.  I believe him and his wife had 6 children, none of whom were living for the Lord.  This weighed heavy on his heart and he would spend a good amount of time praying for his children and their salvation.  I think I have heard that he had a stall in the barn that was kept empty for his to pray in, but don’t know for sure…  Helen was one of his children, one of the older ones I believe.  She was teaching in the area.  There was a revival tent meeting that started in the town and the kids all went.  One of the brothers said he was so convicted that he wanted to run away, but my God is good and put up walls and he had to stay.  Everyone of the Vall kids and most of the children in the surrounding families were saved in those camp meeting.  Martin started praying for his children to marry Godly spouses, and to share the Message with their children and their children’s children and their children’s children’s children and so forth.  Martin Vall was my Great Grandma Helen’s father. 

Martin----->Helen------>Earl Douglas----->Stan------> Sharalee

I am part of (at least) the 5th generation of Christians in our family.  What an amazing God that I serve to be able to have this to hold up when I am attacked my satan.  I was prayed for before my grandfather was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How cool is that. 

Here are a few more pictures that I took during the service…100_4026

  This is the baby in my grandpa’s family.  Sharing an experience that God shared with her.100_4063 100_4062 100_4061 one of the newest members to the Watson family, Noah Benjamin Watson, I think he is number 183! Below is his Daddy praying of his son and the rest of the children in Noah’s generation.  Keeping the legacy going.100_4053 100_4051 Great Uncle Everett sharing the story that I shared with you earlier in the post.  Below is the Mark Watson Family, minus three of the older children.100_4049 100_4043 Ty sharing about how God can provide for us even in trying times.  He might not give us what we think we want but he gives us patience to get through it, faith to over come anything, and the knowledge that out God can do anything.100_4041 100_4040 This was our sanctuary this morning!  Our God is awesome!!!100_4039 Aubrie checking out the guitar.  100_4037 Uncle Mark sharing something.100_4036 100_4033 100_4031 100_4030 100_4029 100_4028 100_4027


After Everett shared his story, Ann (who is seen playing the piano in some of the pictures) said that she would like us to sing a song that goes right along with the history that Everett shared with us.  I took a video on my point and shoot camera and so I know it isn’t the best quality, but I wanted to share it with you.  You can hear a few other people singing with her, I had tears pouring down my face so I am not in there.  She said it was called Hosanna, and I don’t remember hearing it before…  Enjoy.


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Hello! I jumped over here from Mama Bear's site. I'm from MN too!

Love your site and your babies are beautiful!


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thats cool