July 26, 2009

Kangas Family Reunion

 100_4593 Sunday after church we headed to a community center for a Kangas family Reunion.  There weren’t nearly as many people there as the Watson one, but it was still fun.  The kids played outside with bubbles and the playground equipment 100_4594 Right after this picture Aubrie dumped the bubble mixture on her dress, do you know what bubbles are made of???  SOAP!!!  Very hard to get out unless you really wash it, and the more water you add the more bubbles you get, and the more bubbles you get the more water you have to add, see the vicious cycle!!!  I did end up getting enough off that she wasn’t covered in white soap suds, and we made it through the rest of the day with out any clothing mishaps!100_4595 Nevaeh got this dress for her birthday from Mommy and Daddy.  She looked super cute in it!!!

100_4596 100_4597 100_4598 Aubrie wanted her turn on the animals!  Funny how all of a sudden she is “growing” up!!!100_4599 Had to have a turn on this one too!!!100_4600 Nevaeh walked up to the mirror in the bathroom and started doing this to her hair!  I got my hair cut a while back and it is pretty short, I don’t think I have any pictures of it, but will look so you can see….  Anyways, the back is very short, a couple inches at the most and I walk around and mess with the back all the time, so Nevaeh started doing it too!

100_4604Aubrie found these sunglasses and kept putting them on, Doesn’t she look adorable with them!?!?!?!