July 4, 2009

Watson 4th!!!

This is something that I look forward to each year!  My dad’s family gets together over the 4th for fun, food and family.  As many of the family that is able is there.  Howard and Helen family picture.

This is the family that comes, or the starts of them!  Howard and Helen Watson are the parents in this photo and are my great-grandparents. (If I have this wrong someone tell me…)  TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT:Earl Douglas (my grandpa), Howard, Janet, Helen, Helen(yes there were too Helen’s!), 2nd row: Lesley (Les), Stuart, Kenneth, bottom row: Morris (Morrie), Everett, Albert

Not everyone is able to come, and while we would love to see them all it would be WAAAAAYYYY over whelming!  I still don’t think I have meet most of the family.  Everett’s wife, Linda, has a list of everyone that is in our family, in the order they joined the family (birth or marriage or adoption…) and she said by next year we will be 189.  Howard and Helen are numbers 1 and 2…  I am going to try to get that list to have, but still fun to see each summer!  She also has a calendar with everyone’s birthday on it.  So I probably won’t be online for a while, spending the weekend out at Linda and Everett’s house on the lake!  Lots of fun for everyone.  Look for lots of pictures next week!!!