July 1, 2009

Update on my last prayer request.


This is a picture taken earlier this spring of Nathan and his family.  Samantha, daughters; Lauren, Alexandra, Journey; and son, Lincoln, and Nathan. 

Sunday late afternoon, they found Nathan Junker’s body in Pokegama Lake.  Here is an article that was in the Star Tribune about what happened to Nathan and the older man that he was on the lake with, whom also passed on. 

Star Tribune Article

Here is the article that was on WCCO about Sunday afternoon, and the resulting search. 

WCCO News Story and Video

Here is the article that was on WDIO about Sunday afternoon and the search.

WDIO News Story and Video

Some of you that read this have already heard about Nathan and Al, and know all of the stuff that you are reading and seeing in the above links.  Some of you might not care about the links above.  This post is mostly for me to remember what happened to bring our community back together again after losing another loved one. 

If you are out there and you feel for this man and his family they have opened a memorial fund for Samantha and their 4 children to help with expenses.  I am only sharing this to let you know that there is a way to help them if you feel lead.  Nathan was a youth pastor at a fairly small church.  That was their only income that we know of.  Now that Sam is left with 4 kids to care for and no husband, and no job to fall back against there are going to be lots of expenses.

Here is the link to the Nathan Junker Memorial Trust.

Also if you are going to be around Grand Rapids, Minnesota on Thursday night there is a Community Prayer Meeting to pray for the families of Nathan and Al, our community, our church family.  Please feel free to come.  It will be at the Alliance Church, which is pastored by Nathan’s father, Randy Junker; and will start at 6:30.

The funeral for Al Hermiston will be Friday, not sure of the time.  I think that it is going to be at the Assemblies of God.  If anyone wants to go to that let me know and I can get details to you.  I mi

Nathan’s visitation will be Friday from  5 – 8 at the Assemblies of God Church also.  His funeral will be Saturday at 10 AM at the church as well. 


ben and erin said...

i was so sad to hear of this on sunday. praying that God will work throught this for His glory.