October 9, 2008

A beautiful day out side!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the trees. I have tried to get a good one before, but never quite got one. This is just beautiful to me! I love Minnesota in the fall!!!

This is the view off of my mom's deck and out the kitchen window. Isn't it beautiful!?!?!?

Just a couple of other shots of the leaves in the yard. These aren't the most colorful ones out there, but they are gorgeous!!!
The next few are of Aubrie, or me trying to get a good shot of Aubrie!!! Only one kid and I can't really get a good one! In my defense, she was more interested in eating the grass and leaves and cedar seeds then letting me take a good picture!!!

This one is my favorite though!!!

Wyatte kicked his ball down this hill, and then was too scared to go get it. John arrived just in time to "race" him down the hill for it, and of course Wyatte won!!!
"But Daddy I need help this ball is way too heavy!"
He did finally make it to the top though!!!


Alex Jerry; Steph Jerry said...

What a little pumpkin'! I don't think I've seen her yet. Haven't seen John in a while either. It'd help if he quit getting different vehicles or something. Where are you guys living now?
So are you going to have the first tree pic framed? I sure would! It's beautiful! Tell John I said, "hi."
Steph (Mertes) Jerry

Mindy said...

Such great pictures! Minnesota is beautiful in the fall. And your kids are so cute.