October 9, 2008

Reason I left the ER with Wyatte

Someone asked how come John told me I had to leave when Wyatte was getting his stitches, and here is the reason...

We were living in AZ at the time, I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant with Wyatte when John came home from work early and told me to take him to the ER. He had sliced his finger lifting a transmission (he worked at at tranny shop down there...) and his boss said he needed to go in and check to see if he needed stitches. So I drive him to the ER, sure enough they said he needed a couple of stitches. They started with the novacaine, then they started sewing him up. I remember watching the first 2 stitches then starting to get a little queasy!!! The rest is all from what John told me later... The nurse finished the stitches, and went to get some paperwork so we could leave. I got up and headed to the sink, John thought I was going to be sick. He asked if I was ok, no answer. Then I went limp and headed to the floor. John jumped up and caught me just as the nurse was walking back into the little room. They laid me on the bed in the room, and checked my blood pressure and heart rate. Then I came too. I had fainted!!! We went into the ER for stitches for John and had to stay an extra 45 minutes almost because I had fainted and was pregnant. They had to make sure that my blood pressure went back to normal and all the other stuff was ok with the baby!

So now you know why I couldn't be in the ER with him! John didn't want me to pass out again. I did go back into the room with Wyatte this time, and I could tell that I didn't quite feel right, but made it though for my little boy.