October 17, 2008


Yesterday Wyatte asked me if he could help me make a cake. I told him sure, looked around for a cake mix and only found carrot and spice cake mixes--which I know the kids don't really like--then on the top shelf of the stairs...(Yes for those of you that haven't ever been in my mom's house, these are the underside of her stairs. She lives in a three story house, the underside of the stairs in the basement is a coat closet of sorts. These are the stairs that lead to the third story! My dad built these in to hold all the kitchen stuff that we didn't have room for because we have a pretty small kitchen here. He did that almost right after we moved in. I think it was one of the first things that he did, along with building my bedroom, but we were talking about the stairs!!!)

Anyways, on the top shelf there was a white cake mix! So Wyatte and Nevaeh and I made the cake. I had already decided that it was going to be a jello cake and asked Wyatte what color jello he wanted to use. He said purple, and luckily we had some grape jello in the cupboard. While the kids were napping I pulled the cake out of the oven, poured the jello on and stuck it in the fridge! NUM!!!

Kirk (my brother) has been wanting "Nibbles" for a long time, but didn't think that we had everything in the house to make them. Well mom dug around yesterday and found it all. So this morning Kirk got that all made up (oyster crackers with dry ranch dressing mix, oil and a few other things) They are kinda like goldfish crackers only not cheddar flavored and not shaped like a fish!!! So we have cake and nibbles!!!

Mom had a bunch of venison ground up and found a recipe for summer sausage that she wanted to try, so that is cooking in the oven right now as I type! So now we are up to cake, summer sausage and nibbles!!!

I made some pumpkin bars for our young marrieds group last Friday and made WAY too much frosting for it, found a couple extra cans of pumpkin on the stairs and so, tonight probably we are going to have pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting! LOTS OF SNACKS!!!

OH and Uncle Paul is coming home today from college for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH FOR US!!!


Jeanie said...

Hey guess what. I made pumpkin bars today too. Isnt that special. Mine don't have cream cheese frosting they have a crumble on top that has brown sugar pecans and butter. I have never made them before. Theu turned out pretty good, especially with a little whip cream on top. It is nice to be able to bake agaian with out worrying about heating up the house! I try to bake somthing on fridays for when Marty cone home. oh one more thing can you e-mail me the recipe for forgotten pork chops? thanks