October 3, 2008

Wyatte's first stitches...

For those of you that have Facebook, you already know that I am glad that he only had to get three stitches. For those of you that are a little behind the times (just kidding, lol!!!) this is a surprise to you!

Anyways, last night was the 1st night of our new Bible study small group, and I was super excited to start (we are doing the "Believing God" by Beth Moore. Anyways I got there and we have a little time to visit before we start and I let everyone know that John was home with the three kids by himself for the first time (for a whole night anyways...other nights I have left him home for a little while before my mom gets home or something, but I was going to beat her home last night.) Aubrie had been feed and usually sleeps from a little after I leave until I get home, so I really wasn't worried. I left around 6 20 PM and like I said visited for a little while, we had just started the video when the cell phone rang. It was my mom's house. I ignored the call as I walked to the door because I didn't want to disturb the video by talking, and called John back. He told me I needed to come home because Wyatte fell in the bathtub and John thought we needed stitches. So I calmly packed my stuff up and headed home. On the way there I called him back and he told me that Wyatte had been climbing (out is what I heard) and fell on the faucet. YES, you read right, he sat on the faucet. And had a tear in the skin next to his bum hole.

So we get to the ER, and get checked in and Wyatte says he has to go to the bathroom. While he is gone Dr. H comes in and asks me what happened. I explained it to him, and he had the same reaction that you did! He squeezed his own bum together and raised it off the chair he was sitting on. Wyatte came back from the potty, and laid on the bed, and got his bum looked at and Dr. H decided that he needed a couple/few stitches. John tells me I need to leave (if you don't know why ask...)and they got started. I started bawling when they were shoting Wyatte full of the Novacain or what ever other numbing medicine they gave him and couldn't stand it. So I went back in. He did so well, John was holding his hands and told him when ever it hurt just to squeeze harder on daddy's fingers. When I got in there he was turning John's fingers white. So three stitches later we left the ER with a boy with a very sore butt, and an exciting story to share with everyone else! He slept all night (I did give him some tylenol) and is still sleeping right now. Keep him and us in your prayers today and for the next few days as we make sure that the stitches stay clean and don't get infected. Please also pray that he has an easy time pooping, because I don't want him to have to go through any more pain than he already is.

This is a picture of them getting ready to start the stitches and the only one that isn't totally gross. Just to give you a glimpse of what we did last night. (no that is not poop on his bum either, it is iodine!)


ben and erin said...

i'm sorry you had to miss your Bible study! poor little guy. i can't imagine how bad that must hurt! hope it heals up good and fast.
give him lots of fiber and water/juice to keep his BMs a little loose. or check with your ped. to see if you can give him stool softeners. that might help!