October 28, 2008

Family Fun Magazine!

So I finally got time to read my Family Fun Magazine, and it was full of some GREAT things to do with the kiddos for Thanksgiving/Fall. I must have missed the Halloween one, but that is ok with me! The kids get dressed up and Trick or Treat at a couple family members homes, but we don't really go all out like some people can...

Anyways, on page 12 in the Family Fun was an article about them taking the magazine digital! You can view the whole magazine online!!! It is totally awesome! I can "digitally" clip the articles that I want to keep instead of ripping the whole magazine apart! This way I don't have a thousand different pages floating around the house until I take time to put them in my file thing!!! I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! So for those of you that might get excited about this like I am, here is the link to go to There are a bunch of other magazines that are on there, I think you can look at some of them for free, or at least some pages of them. You can sign up to just view them online, or to get them delivered to your door too. So just thought I would share that!

Yes, I know you all want to see pics of the kids and not read about my magazine findings, so I am going to let you know that I am working on a couple of posts with pics in them! Just taking me a lot longer that I thought to get them up! Look for them soon!!!