March 30, 2009

Aubrie caught another bug this past weekend. She hasn't been feeling well since she hurt her leg on Friday. We took her to the clinic and they said that she had a fever. Since then she has started coughing and still has a fever. I am nervous about giving her tylenol to bring the fever down, but they said I could. I try to hold off until she is ready to lay down for a nap or bed. She just gets lots of snuggle time. She has been drinking lots of apple juice. She doesn't want milk and with the cough I am glad she doesn't really want it.

Last night she woke up about 2 30 or so, I got out of bed to snuggle her. She decided that she wanted to nurse and I decided that I would let her try. For those of you that don't know, I weaned her off about a month ago now because she bit me and wouldn't let go. I had been weaning her off some, but went cold turkey after that. She normally doesn't care but last night she noticed that she wasn't getting any anymore... So she started sucking and then got furious that there wasn't anything coming out. :( So now I have a sick baby who now realized that she doesn't get any more mommy milk. She started bawling. That is the only time that I have ever wished that I hadn't quit. I have felt pretty good about being done because she didn't seem to really notice. Now that she is sick though it makes we really wish that we had kept going some. I know there are nutrients in breast milk that help, but I guess I have to quit eventually.

She is still feverish today, but doesn't seem to be coughing as much so hopefully she continues to get better. She had a couple of diapers that smelled poopy, but when you looked it didn't look poopy because it was all liquid. So now I have to worry about her getting dehydrated too. Good thing she loves the pedialyte freezer pops!

Tonight we have a winter storm warning. They are saying between 7 and 11 inches here. I have to work all night so I get to see it happen. Hopefully, scratch that, prayerfully we don't get it. We are supposed to go to a planting party at Bloomers tomorrow and the kids are really looking forward to going to the "flower store" I know there are more reasons that we don't need the snow but I worried about what I am going to do with them if they find out that we aren't going. We already planted flowers for them here and I am out of seeds...

I did buy some rice and an under the bed tote, but I wanted to save that for after the Easter Bunny brings them their sand shovels and other sand toys. I guess I might have to crack the rice out earlier! Oh well. They will enjoy it either way I am sure. I guess I also have some paint and golf balls, to make a project with. We did this at our Growing Together class, put the paper in a top of a box (short sides, only about 2 or 3 inches) roll the foam golf balls in paint and put them in the box. Tip the box side to side to have the ball roll the paint all over the paper. We did it on larger paper then used it to wrap some birthday presents in! I have another project to do with foam golf balls, but need them in different colors, so if anyone has golf balls in other colors than yellow, please share!!!

I just looked and I haven't taken any new pictures of my kids since last Monday when we had our play date, so I don't have any to put up, sorry. I have been reading MckMama's blog and keeping up to date with Stellan and his heart. I haven't totally neglected my house and family to do it, but I do know that it has taken too much of my time lately. I even signed up for Twitter so that I could have MckMama's Tweets sent to my cell phone so I didn't have to sit down at the computer to see how Stellan was doing. If you haven't heard of them please go check out her blog and add them to your prayers.