March 20, 2009

Potter's Clay

Tonight was our monthly Potter's clay event--our young married group at church for those of you that don't know. We had our own...

It was Grand Rapids Style!!! We were given an envelope with 15 dollars in it and some instructions. On the instructions was a list of about 11 stores, some we had to visit and some that we could chose to visit. We had to go to 7 of them. Four were prechosen, and three we could decide for ourselves. We had to spend as close to the full 15 dollars as we could with out going over. We had to get the receipts for them all to prove the amount. We decided to split into a husbands team and a wives team. It was sooo much fun. Seeing all the crazy things that we did as adults made it even more fun! We blocked the guys vehicle in, they told some of the store workers to hold the doors shut on us, one of the guys even jumped in our rig when we were stopped behind them and started pushing our gas pedal!!!

We got back to the pit stop first, pulled our receipts out and found out that our math was 27 cents off. So back in the car we went... by the time we got back to the church the guys had already made it back with exactly 15 dollars gone. So they won that leg of the race. Then we were given another clue. This clue sent us to the nursery to dig through the toys to find the second clue. From there we were sent to the gym to either jump rope or ride a scooter. We ended up falling behind here. Then one of the team members had to eat a can of tuna, 4 oreos, a glass of milk and a glass of mtn. dew. from there we got another clue that sent us to the stage with a puzzle we had to put together and then find another clue. We had to wheelbarrow walk down the center aisle then run back to the front of the church and go hand in hand up and down half a church full of pews. TALK ABOUT HARD!!! One of the wives just kept reminding us of all the calories we were burning!!!!!!

All in all it was a lot of fun. I didn't get many pictures besides a couple that didn't turn out because it was such a fast paced night. We all thought that we should do it again for sure, so maybe next time we will have a photographer/videographer!