March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tip!

Hire are gardener to help set up your vegetable garden!!!

Today at MUMS our topic was gardening. IT WAS AWESOME! One of the ladies that goes to our church co-owns Bloomers, a garden center here in town. She doesn't do much vegetable gardening, but had one of their employees come out and share with us today. Granted it wasn't very "Christ" centered, but what could be more honoring to him than taking care of our families by growing our own veggies!!!

She gave us all kinds of tips, too many almost. At one point I leaned over to the mom sitting next to me and asked her if I could hire the employee to just come out and get my garden set up for me?!?!?!?!?

I do have plans to have a garden this year. I even ordered my seeds and have them sitting on the shelf. I am just waiting for the rain to stop and the mud to dry up a little bit so that I can work the ground. We have a lot of clay around here so I am just going to hope(scratch that...) pray that it grows. I am planning on asking one of the farmers that lives just down the road--he comes in the fall and bales all the hay--if he will come down and disk the ground for me. Then we have some friends that we used to rent from that have a tiller that are not doing a garden this year, and I was hoping to see if I can borrow that for at least a while to till the ground up. The farmer that has the tractor also has cows and I am hoping that can have or buy some manure from him too.

I am really looking forward to this, and if you have any tips that you would like to share with me I will take them all!!!

Here is what I have seeds for already...

carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, squash (butter boy variety), squash (acorn variety),pumpkins (more for the kids than to eat or can or cook with), peas, sweet corn, and beans.

I also have coming from the company that I ordered from; onion sets (red[or purple], white and yellow), garlic bulbs, and shallots.

I am going to get seed potatoes (red and russet).

So as you can see I am going big or staying home!!! OR BOTH!!! That is what someone told me this morning is that I was going to end up having to be home all the time!

I am also commisioning John to build Wyatte and I a small chicken coop, because Wyatte says now that we have a barn (I will take a picture of our barn tomorrow when it is light outside and show it to you! For those of you that have seen it you might think this is funny!!!) we can have animals. He really wants to raise Bigfoots, but seeing as there is a shortage on supply there--or at least a supply that you can invest in...--we will start with chickens. I would love to have rabbits for them and maybe a goat, but hey I am not farmer Jane yet!!! So if I don't post for a while around Memorial Day, now you know why!!!

On a different note, the Easter Bunny came early in this house, but forgot that the kids were in the little bedroom and left all their stuff in our closet! So I know what they are getting for Easter. The girls are getting another set of matching dresses! I know, how stupid right, but hey what's a mom to do?!?!?!?!? They are wearing matching pink dresses on Easter Sunday (They wore matching dresses last year too...) These dresses are from Walmart and are ADORABLE! I just tried to find them on, but they aren't there...that pic will have to wait for later too...I really wanted to show you how cute they are, but... They are also getting sand toys--John is being commissioned to make a sand box too!!!--kites, big bubble wands, and a few other small assorted items--rubber ducks and some, but not much, candy. Now I just need to remember to get it all organized and set out for the actual morning. Wyatte asked me today why God made the Easter Bunny if He is the one that day is about. I had a hard time explaining that in 4 year old talk. But I think he understands. He never asked that about Christmas, but he was a little younger.

Each child has their own egg set, pink camo for Nevaeh, some sparkly ones for Aubrie, and Wyatte has matchbox cars ones that they get to search for. I made a few notes today in random places in my house and car to make sure to buy some white eggs for coloring, because I normally buy the brown ones, but I don't think that would make for a very pretty dyeing process!

I guess that is enough rambling for tonight. Please remember to keep MckMama and Stellan in your prayers. You can check her out at her blog. She is also on twitter, if anyone knows what that is and wants to follow her there. You can search for her at Twitter, she uses the name MckMama. I am on there too, if anyone is interested, jashoard.

Good night and God Bless.


A day in the Life... said...

I *think* you need to/should only put manure on in the fall not the spring, that is what I did but don't quote me because I could be wrong ;)

ben and erin said...

here's a little tip on the corn. my parent's has been totally flattened by rain/wind storms before. so if your garden doesn't have a lot of protection from the wind after the corn comes up a couple feet hill some dirt up around the bottom of each one to give it some extra support.

have fun! i wish i had a big yard to have a garden...