March 14, 2009

Reason's I love and hate my house

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I love our house, I love the fact that it was made by John's grandpa. I love the fact that John's great-grandpa lived here, John's grandpa lived here, John's dad lived here, now John lives here, and now John's son lives here. I also hate the house for that same reason. This house is old. When the house was built they didn't have a bathroom in it, so that was added about 30 years after it was built. The entry way and the basement were also added about that long after the house was built. I am very grateful for the fact that my in-laws were willing to move out of here so that we would have a place to live. I love the area. The fact that we are in the woods and have nature all around us.

I would love it if the house were bigger. We only have two bedrooms, and with five of us, it gets small at times. But to put that in perspective, John's grandma, grandpa, seven kids, and his grandma's dad all lived in this house--with no running water and no bathroom. No basement either. So in reality this house is huge!!!


ben and erin said...

isn't it funny how perspective can change our attitude toward something!

that's pretty neat how you've had generations live in the same house!