March 8, 2009

Birthday month

Aubrie practicing her standing! She loves these shoes, they are Pedipeds. Too bad this pair is too small for her now. We have another pair of purple ones with flowers, but she doesn't like them so much yet!
Combing her hair. She loves to do whatever Nevaeh is doing! She pics up stuff so fast.

Wyatte and Nevaeh are inside a igloo made out of milk jugs. The children's librarian started it and it has grown quite a bit! Sorry I missed out a pic of the whole thing, I will try to get one when we go to story time this week.

This is Aubrie's new cry. She scrunches her face up and opens her mouth as big as she can get it and TOTALLY fake cries!!! It is so cute I can't help but laugh at her each time she does it. She does have a real cry too, but this is her "I don't want to hear the word no come out of your mouth again so I am going to act like this" cry!!!
Aubrie is growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. She loves to share. If she picks something up off the floor that she shouldn't have she will hand it to you with out being asked--most of the time anyways! She has been sick the last couple of days and has been enjoying crackers mostly. I had started to wean her some, she was done to once in the morning and once before bed, but with her being sick, I have started nursing her more because she seems to be able to keep that down better. Here she is enjoying one of her crackers. She is starting to want to talk some, and if you repeat a word to her enough times she can get a word out of her mouth that somewhat resembles what you are saying.
She can walk now pretty well, it is still easier for her to crawl and so she resorts to that still, but loves walking around! She can't get up by herself unless she has something to hold on to. She is getting closer and closer to walking all the time, but for now she is evading bumps and bruises by crawling still!
She loves to put things in and take things out of boxes, or baskets, or in this case a train that Nevaeh got for her birthday. She will pick up toys on the floor and put them in whatever is close by. She loves it when Wyatte takes all his cars and trucks out, or the animals, she can pick up to her hearts content!
March is a busy month for us. On the 2nd I turned 27. Aubrie has her birthday on the 13th (this year it is Friday, the 13th :() Then on the 21st, John turns 31.
Turning 27 was hard for me because I realized I am in my late 20's. I don't know why it hit me that way, but it was hard to realize that I am in my late 20's. I did enjoy the birthday though. We got together on Monday with my dad and Karen and Kirk, along with Karen's mom and sister-in-law. We went out for pizza and then had a Dairy Queen cake. Then we got together with my mom and grandma on Wednesday and had supper at Dairy Queen and enjoyed another cake!!! I love those cakes!