March 10, 2009

My form of productive...

We didn't have curtains over the windows, just some broken brown mini-blinds. I have been planning on buying or making curtains, but I couldn't find any material or curtains that I liked. I even checked out the shower curtains!!! Then one day a while ago I was walking around Target and saw this TABLECLOTH that was marked down 75%!!! The green isn't quite the same green as in the couch, but they are far enough away and there isn't enough in the couch to make it noticable (Yet) I cut the table cloth in half and then made the pocket on top for the curtain rod and was done!!!

These are the first curtains that I made. They are in the kids' bedroom. Wyatte picked the fabric out, and still loves them, although I only had enough fabric to make them for one window, and they have two, so... Now he wants to look for different fabric so they match.

I plan on getting some with the same colors on it. Notice the paneling to the right? We got a tip from some friends to fill the groves with wood filler and then paint, so I am going to get started on that this week (while we are snowed in) and then paint the bedroom green. Their bed is blue, but I think with the fabric it will be ok!
So if anyone needs something to do on a weekend they can come help me pick out a fabric, fill and paint walls, and I would love to make a shelf in the old window hole, so you could help me with that too!!!