July 20, 2008

Bear Party

Lots going on with no time to let you know it all but here is what I made for Nevaeh's birthday party that we are having shortly today... Ok, so my mom baked the cake, but I decorated it!!!
The eyes are (white part) wintergreen lifesavers, and (blue part) sour skittles. I used the sour ones because there is some sugar looking stuff on the outside that makes them look like the eyes are sparkling! The nose is a milk dud. The mouth is made of string licorice and the tongue is part of a roll of fruit by the foot. There are pink sprinkles in the ears, and then bows out of some more fruit by the foot. The claws are butterscotch chips! TOO CUTE RIGHT!!!! Nevaeh asked me for a bear party and found this so...

For the meal we are going to be eating the bottom picture. Right now it is just the bread, but in a few minutes it will be filled with different kinds of meats and cheeses and other yummy sandwich stuff.

We are also going enjoy gummy bears, some mixed fruit and nuts (bears like to eat fruits and nuts!!!) some salads (these were John's idea...) and then Great grandma Margaret is going to be bringing the ice cream! I think that is it...

Anyways I will post more pics of the presents and stuff when I get another chance to get on the computer!