July 8, 2008

Last couple of days

She got brave in the water and actually sat down quite a bit. It was fun to see her enjoy her self so much.
Can you beleive that she is almost 2? Next Friday she will officially be two! The time has just flown by.
Doing the crab walk in the water!
Helping Mommy water my flowers
Cute face on the way home from the lake! This was taken on the way home, but for some reason it won't move from the middle of my lake pics!
They were trying to catch the duck that you see in the upper corner! They kept walking closer to it and it kept swimming closer to them! Fun to see one sooo close!
I was trying to take a cute pic of Aubrie, but apparently the camera moved so I just got a little bit of her face!
Wyatte got really brave this trip to the lake and was swimming on his stomach!
Aubrie looked sooooo cute folding her hand in her sleep that I couldn't pass it up. They are taken at the same time just two different settings on the camera. I am trying to learn what they all do. Keep checking back to see what I find!

The picture above this writing and the one below it are of the same cloud. Just two different settings on my camera. I just liked the way they looked!

A beautiful sunset last night, I couldn't resist!