July 25, 2008

Finally time to upload pics! Enjoy

Nevaeh opening one of her birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy. I think this one was some bubble bath or soap of her own...
Another present from Mommy and Daddy, this one was "Brown Bear" from the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?" She also got the book!
Color crayons and a notebook to color in. She was more interested in how fast she could get the paper off the presents than she was of what was inside the paper!
Nevaeh and her "bear cake" I think it turned out really cute! We were going to write "Happy Birthday Nevaeh" on the belly, but at the last minute decided not to.
Wyatte was sooo excited to catch this fish, it was a huge sunny!!!
Daddy helping Wyatte hold the fish
Wyatte and Daddy on the dock
Nevaeh at the beach. She had more sand in her swimsuit than I have ever seen. She didn't really enjoy the water, but she loved being in the sand!
Wyatte was looking for seashells. He did find a whole slew of them, but I made him leave them there so that other kids could find them. He was very mad at me...

I can't get these pics to come up in the right order, so sorry but they are a little random in how they are showing up on here...

Wyatte helping put Aubrie to sleep. She actually laid there with him for a long time and fell asleep!!!
Fishing with Daddy.
Running on the dock! I know that she shouldn't have been because she falls really easy, but she was having sooo much fun!
Nevaeh wanted to hold the fish that Wyatte caught until Daddy tried to put it in her hand and then she freaked out!