July 1, 2008


Our house has been sooo hot lately that Nevaeh has taken to sleeping in the living room on our chair and ottoman. She looks pretty comfy huh!!!
Aubrie is growing up so fast, she can now roll from her back to her stomach, she learned how to do that in just a couple of days. Last Thursday night she did it at Bible study and has mastered it in the couple of days since then! She has been able to go from her stomach to her back pretty easy, but now is a master of both ways!!! Her she is just getting her neck muscles strengthened!!!
Such a big girl!!!
Always with the thumb in her mouth! Look at the semi smile and dimple on her cheek!!!
Wyatte riding his Spiderman bike, or at least attempting to!!!
Sunglasses and hat from visiting Bob the Builder. We got them while we were waiting in line
Isn't she toooo cute!
They were sooo good there, patiently waiting for Bob to come!
Isn't this sad?!?! She was tooo scared to go in the tent and jump that she just stood out side the door and watched everyone...Going down the slide in one of the bouncy tents!!!Wyatte had a ton of fun in the bouncy tents.Nevaeh enjoying her time on the slide!
Playing at the playground after we saw Bob the Builder. He was at the Blackwater Barge Festival in our little town of Cohasset!

So even though only one of you has voted in the "slide show vs. individual pics" poll, I am going with the only vote so far which is for individual pics, so that is why we are back to these! So the post is going to be really long with not a lot to say!!! Yeah for those of you that like to


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