July 4, 2008

Our 4th of July!!!

This is what Nevaeh looked like when we left the house! She has on a dress from last summer that she now wears as a shirt! It is sooo cute on her! The bandanna in her hair came with the dress, and she has never liked them. I thought maybe this year she would wear it, but no go. She left it in long enough to take a picture and that was about it! I put her hair in pigtails after this and they stayed in all day.
This was taken at the lend of the day, but for some reason won't post there... Anyways Uncle Kenny enjoying time with Aubrie. She looks so comfy!
My cousin Amy and I "wearing" our girls! They both slept very comfortably!!!
Aubrie got her turn in the water!!!
Nevaeh splashing around!!!
Nevaeh got her turn in Lylah's whale! She had a lot of fun!!!
Getting all ready to go for a boat ride.
Going for a ride in Great Uncle Albert's pontoon boat! Wyatte had fun, but Nevaeh cried for Mommy they said! (John was on the boat with them)
Uncle Kenny helping Wyatte feed Aubrie! Too cute!
Grandpa Stan showing Wyatte how to spin tops

These are the best pics that I have of today. I have a few others that I am going to add later, but need to head to bed now. So look for them tomorrow!!!