July 6, 2008

National Help your Brother Day..

I have officially nominated this day for National Help your Brother Day!!! No, I don't think this is a real holiday, but after today I think it should be!

My mom called this morning a little before 8 and asked what we were doing. "Getting ready for church," I told her, "Why?"

"Paul fell asleep on his way home from work and put his car in the ditch and I was wondering if you guys/John could go look at it before we call a tow truck," She replied.

After a while we decided that John could go, and he headed out there. Dad was also headed out there. To make a long story short, they got the car out and it still runs and Paul is ok!

Then tonight Phil calls me, which never happens!!! He asked why I didn't answer the cell phone. It was in the van... he then asks me if we could do him a huge favor... His friend Mark was riding his bike from Bemedji to my mom's house to stay for the night before he headed to Duluth. He was having trouble with the bike and was on the GR side of Bena. "Could one of us go get him?" So I headed out with the Jeep, and by this time Mark was in Deer River, which is closer than Bena so that worked out nice! So I picked him up and headed to my mom's to drop him off!

So now I just need to pray that Kirk doesn't call me needing help because I am going to bed!!!!