July 7, 2008

Just today

Today we went to see my dad and help him with some stuff on the computer. The kids also got to see the little chickens! They were pretty excited about that. I forgot my camera at home and so I don't have any pics, sorry. We called Miss Heidi while we were there to see if her and her boys wanted to come out and see them too. The twins loved it! My dad took three of them out of the coup and put them in a bucket so the kids could be closer to them. They got to hold them also! That was pretty cool. Nevaeh was showing off as usual right now. The twins got to go in the turkey pen too. The turkeys are almost as big as the kids are!!!

After that fun we came home for a nap. All four of us. I started doing a paper route for the Duluth News Tribune and this morning I got up at 2 AM. I got home a little after 5 AM and slept until 7:30 AM, so I got some sleep back. But by nap time I was exhausted!!! So I got a couple more hours of sleep, and now feel better. The people that are going to be moving into the apartment that we are moving out of were bringing stuff over here today and putting it in storage in the garage and they opened the garage door (right under us--we live above the garage...) and woke me up. I guess that was God's way of telling me that I slept enough! Thankfully the kids stayed asleep. So I got up and started packing a little more. I have at least another van full of boxes ready to go. So much stuff that we don't use.... I did pack up our movies and all the equipment that goes with them, so TV for a while it is. I was thinking that maybe we should take the TV down too and get some more family time in, but we will see.

Tomorrow is park day again. We are going to a park that I have never even heard of, so it should be interesting for all of us! I am really looking forward to the time visiting with the moms.

Keep us in your prayers as we consider options in where we are going to live.