September 29, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Ok, so here goes again!!! I totally did not forget that Monday came after Sunday!!!

I did not color my hair twice in the last couple of days because I didn't like the way that it turned out the first time! That would be a waste of time and money right?!?!?!

I did not forget to get an anniversary card for my husband of six years... only men do that right? The sad thing is, he actually remembered to get me one :)

I did not quit my paper route a week early due to my last Not Me! Monday post...

I did not over schedule our week. So much so that I have been way more tired since I quit my paper route, than I ever was when I was getting up at 3 in the morning.

I did not walk to the house from the camper (where my husband, youngest daughter and I are sleeping while we live with my mom...) in just a shirt every day this week, because I had to pee so bad that I couldn't take the time to put on my pants. Give me a break, it was early in the AM each time!

I did not secretly reward my oldest daughter with candy each time she went potty or poop on the toilet. I also did not give her brother a piece of that same candy when she had an accident. That also totally did not work! She can now stay dry 90% of the time!!!

I did not forget to show up for yet another WIC appt. Why can't I remember them?

I am not one of the people that checks MckMama's blog about a gazillion times a day to see how her and her family is doing. That would be spooky.

I did not relish in the fact that I do not work at Target right now, and don't have to look at CHRISTMAS stuff already in the stores.

I did not let the kids pick out their own halloween costumes, and then regret it when they both picked out the most expensive ones there!!! I should know better by now right!?!?!?!

I did not send left over steaks and stuff with my husband for lunch, with no utensils to eat it with!!! Whoops!

Last but not least... I did not enjoy the date that my husband I had for our 6th wedding anniversary! I did not relish the fact that we could have a normal conversation with out three kids trying to get our attention. I did not eat so much popcorn at the theater during the movie that I was too full to go out for supper. I did not wish we lived in a little bit larger town so that we would have had something else to do besides eat after our movie. I also did not enjoy how excited all three of our kids were to see us when we picked them up from our date!!!!


ben and erin said...

i'm glad this week's not me wasn't as bad as last weeks!
that's wonderful that you had a date with NO KIDS! happy anniversary!

Weeksie50 said...

lol- what did he do. Just pick it up and eat it?

I love these not me post. They are to fun..

Allmykids123 said...

Oh gosh, I check MckMama's blog a zillion times a day too! Found you over there and wanted to drop in and say Hello!

Jennifer said...

I so would never check McKmama's blog all day long either...that would be stalking, wouldn't it?! Great Not me's! Enjoyed reading them!

Rachel said...

Funny! I actually fool my kid with a "prize" for going potty. He thinks they're candy - they're really gummy vitamins. At least I don't feel SO guilty! :)

Thanks for the funnies!