May 7, 2009

Ok, so I was looking at some previous posts and just realized that I had neglected to put some the promised Easter pictures. Silly me! So here they are! I didn't get as many good ones as I would have liked, and I don't think I have any of the egg coloring, or hunts, on this cd but you can enjoy the ones of the kids dressed up in there fancy wear right!?!?!?! Last year after Easter I bought matching dresses for the girls from Walmart, on clearance. They were soooo cute on the hanger! They are even cuter on!!! It came down to the wire with Wyatte's attire though. I found a pair of khaki cordoroys at JCP and then a button down shirt with a tie and Walmart. I would have preferred something that color coordinated with the girls but John wouldn't have gone for a pink shirt!!! So I did the best I could do, and that is that! I think they looked sooo adorable, but then again I am a little biased! I am hoping to get their pictures taken by Cody at Verevita Photography sometime soon, and I am going to have them wear their Easter outfits. Go check out some of Cody's other pics! They are beautiful! Anyways, enjoy these ones!

I put Nevaeh's hair in hot rollers, which she hated. I can't remember if I told you that already or not... Anyways, I was told to just use the velcro rollers for her, that it is alot easier on her head than the hot rollers. So we will try that next time I want her to have curly hair! Her hair fell very fast, so I am going to have to remember that in the future as well. I know mine doesn't last long, but I put a lot of product in it now, so I guess I am going to have to find something that works in her hair with out weighing it down. Any ideas please share!!!

Here we go again, the last picture of the day ends up first, but oh well... The girls were sharing some candy I believe.

This is the best one we got of all three of them. And even this one isn't remotely good! Nevaeh in the gym at church waiting for the service to start. You can kinda see the curls!!!
Here she is at home, still pretty curly. This was just after the rollers had come out and I had put her hair up. She had on a touch of makeup too!