May 28, 2009

Alphabitty Moments, Brought to you by the letter N

Time for Alphabitty Moments again! This time I started thinking about it earlier in the week! I had a couple of them planned out. Wyatte's was the hardest one for me. Had to ask for help with his!!! I think they are all cute, and they all are things that I never want to forget. Go check out 4 the Love of Family for her letter "N" pages, and to check out others' pages.

Wyatte's page idea came from a friend in high school. She recommended noodles! I knew I had some cute pics of him and his noodles! I know I have more, but I couldn't find them so only one page for now...

Nevaeh's was easy! I had to use pics of her!!! Like I mentioned above, I can't find some of my earlier picture CD's, so I don't have any of her as a baby. I was kinda bummed about that, so I might have to change these when I print the pages off. These are some of my favorite pictures of here though so, I guess it is ok!!! The one in the top right is of her in the grass, she HATED the grass on her legs and feet. I guess I am a horrible mommy for taking pictures of it and not helping her get up!!!

Aubrie was pretty easy too. As the "Newest" member of our family she fit pretty good in this letter. I absolutely love the picture of Aubre in the pink, by far one of my favorite pictures of her. The two on the far right were taken in the hospital, the other one on the right page was of her first nap at home. The picture of the three of them is a great one to me too. All three of my kids together for the first time.

I really enjoy these pages, I have since I started this carnival. I am really looking forward to finishing out the alphabet, and starting with "A", I think I might have to start all over though and make that one all the way to "Z". That way the book would go in age order!!! I hope you guys like to see these as much as I like making them.


Kelly said...

Cute pictures!! My kids love noodles too! So do I :)

mom24boys said...

If your a bad mommy for photographing N in the grass, then I'm Mommy Dearest, bc Nicholas's First year book has a spread of his dislikes! My older boys LOVE these photos in their baby books.

Blessedw5mom said...

Love those N pages!